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Bug Report: Revan Armor on Body Type 1

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Bug Report: Revan Armor on Body Type 1
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

Saito_Hiraga's Avatar

01.09.2014 , 08:56 AM | #1
There's a part of the Mask that go trough the hood on the body type 1 model, I tested the armor on a Body Type 2 also but the issue only appears on the Type 1...

Mal-Nyewalker's Avatar

01.09.2014 , 09:42 AM | #2
i have had this problem too so now i have to hide my mask

Saito_Hiraga's Avatar

01.10.2014 , 09:43 AM | #3
did you reported it too? I read that BW was going to fix some issues like this on the gear pieces people were reporting but I don't know if they read my post about this robes...

-Foxtech-'s Avatar

01.20.2014 , 12:29 AM | #5
This happens with my Marauder too. If I have my sabers are out my Mara's is leaning a bit forward which causes my mask (Marauder's Foundry Hood or Dramatic Extrovert's Armor) to clip though the hood. Kinda annoying if ya ask me.

TaitWatson's Avatar

01.31.2014 , 01:14 PM | #9 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Hey there,

I passed it along and they are going to take a look into it. I'll let you know if I hear anything!

Tait "pariahloki" Watson
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Magnusheart's Avatar

01.31.2014 , 01:52 PM | #10
The issue is Revan's Mask and hood variant model type only worked perfectly with body type two.

This issue persists on male body type 1. AND Even though it was fixed with all other versions. It still is an issue with Body Type 3 with the Phantom Hood and the Revan's Mask model type.

So look at a person wearings Revan's chest and mask on Male BT1
Also look at a person wearing Phantom Chest and Revansk mask on BT3

Edit: Also it looks like you guys fixed the Revan's robes icon. but Didn't in-game.

When you look at Revan's Robes item icon you see the old version that wasn't accurate that was fixed in 1.6.2

But on torhead, swtor-spy etc. they show the item icon for revan's robes fixed. Any ideas on that? not important but hey, putting it out there.