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<The Jedi Order> and <The Sith Order> Cross faction RP community - Ebon Hawk

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<The Jedi Order> and <The Sith Order> Cross faction RP community - Ebon Hawk

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01.09.2014 , 04:38 AM | #1
Greetings! I am the grand master of <The Jedi Order> and <The Sith Order>. Would it surprise you to discover that my main is a smuggler?

You might be asking yourself how the guild master of two guilds that seem to be about Sith and Jedi has a smuggler as their main, and to that I will tell you that our guild has an experience for everyone. While we chose generic names for our guilds on each faction, we did so to give creative freedom in establishing who and what we are. Something that can change over time as our role playing progresses. Our guilds do not favor sith or jedi classes, but in fact there is a distinct role playing experience for bounty hunters, agents, smugglers and troopers. Our guilds have a very flushed out story. <The Jedi Order> is not about the entire order of the Jedi, but rather a fledgling group called "The Order of the Keepers" who seek to defend Coruscant. They are allied with a political arm (whose story is just being established), which includes various military groups, intelligence, underworld connections, social activists and even A.I.

On the imperial side we have an equally active guild. <The Sith Order> is a rogue Sith power base lingering within the empire, believing it's xenophobic ways are backwards and harming the growth of power that the empire could enjoy. They are allied with a strange little corporation called "ATLAS" (Alliance Technology Logistics Arms and Sciences) - which was a fledgling company created by a Chiss house to be used as a means to... observe the greater galaxy. However, a Darth from this Sith power base discovered the purpose of this seemingly innocent company and made a deal with them to supply the rogue power base in exchange for discretion. ATLAS of course had to expand beyond chiss to please their new clients, and so all Bounty Hunters and Agents find their way into a position with the company. Some even embraced as more than just employees.

Ah, but the most exciting part of <The Sith Order> and <The Jedi Order> is how members can become part of our story. Through guild ranks we have developed a system were new members can progress their characters from acolyte to Darth, from student to Jedi Master, from outsider to part of the family, from hopeful start up to mongrel and more! We have 4 branches for members to progress their character through: Sith, Jedi, Imperial non-sensitive and Republic non-sensitve. Each has a distinct experience to be had, and as members attend trials, classes, RP, write journals or more -- they make their way to becoming more prominent in our cross faction story.

It's a lush role playing experience to enjoy, with daily impromptu RP and planned RP events (which are stories members or leaders plan for others to interact with through role playing). We certainly take advantage of the cross faction locations on TOR so that both guilds can role play their rivalry with one another! We also have members starting up progressive Operation groups, and even some talented PVP'ers wanting to form ranked teams.

The point is we have something for everyone to enjoy. If you're not convinced, please look over our website. Check out the guild information or browse through our large collection of character journals that our members have produced. is our website, if you have any questions you can message me over enjin (profile), message me in game on Menagra republic side and Mena'gra imperial sid, or email me at - of course anyone hoping to join may apply at our website! Certainly hope to hear from you!