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[Bug] Achievements for enemies who kill themselves

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[Bug] Achievements for enemies who kill themselves

CrazyMcGee's Avatar

01.07.2014 , 11:32 PM | #1
Jindo Krey in False Emperor, Rakghoul Behemoth in Kaon Under Siege, Rogue Cartel Warbot on Quesh...

These enemies (and there may be others) blow themselves up right at the end, or get killed by getting shot, blown up, etc. Essentially, their final moment is not caused by a player.

The result is, the achievements do not always grant for them. If they are burned down quickly enough, you're fine, but it's very haphazard.

Please could Bioware investigate this and find a fix. Whatever the programming criteria for the achievement, it needs to be tweaked to say that, basically, if you were engaged in combat with them when they died, then you killed them and should get the achievement.

It's very frustrating and this bug has existed since 2.0.

I know you guys have been fixing achievement bugs gradually and that's awesome, but as this one affects several achievements, it would be great if this could be next on the list please. (Well, ok, fix Ilum Kath Hound first, and this second!!).


PS Hey Tait, maybe you could ask the devs to do this as a welcome present for you and we'll all give you the credit??