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Juggernaut PVP Gear/Spec

lenoid's Avatar

01.07.2014 , 09:28 AM | #1
So, in the early days of this game I mained a Juggernaut but have been healing since Jan. '13.

I know that in the early days War Leader PVP gear was kind of 'meh' due to the fact that defense didn't work against a lot of attacks, but I also know that recently they made some changes to shield absorb. I think the only thing it doesn't affect now is Internal and Elemental damage?(correct me if I'm wrong).

I just switched back to my jugg, my favorite class, and have now put off buying pvp gear as long as possible and am having trouble deciding to go vengeance dps and buy the vind. gear or to go immortal tank with war leader gear and just be a taunt/guard-monster. Even with no PVP gear, short of my wep, at this point I have noticed my survivability seems to be amazing while damage output is nil (as is expected going full PVP tank). I'm more concerned about the viability of the stats on war leader gear in PVP at this point.

I'm having trouble finding any concrete resources, and I'm often skeptical of noxxic. Can someone shine some light on the viability of War Leader gear down the road? I once decked myself out in full battlemaster war leader gear and was extremely disappointed. If I could spare myself that amount of time wasting I'd be happy.

Thanks in advance.