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Core Labs Hardmode

Prototypemind's Avatar

01.01.2014 , 10:43 AM | #11
The adds aren't bugged. As said on other posts, they won't aggro unless they are touched for the most part. I have noticed that when some healers try and run behind that little partition so that the boss can't pull them they sometimes set them off, but other than that they'll sit there like bumps on a log.

bjpbjp's Avatar

01.03.2014 , 07:46 AM | #12
Yes - the key if dps isn't great is to ignore the adds unless they attack someone. They sometimes run up to the tank or healer but don't actually do anything. In this case ignore them and stay on the boss.

ZeroPlus's Avatar

01.03.2014 , 08:16 AM | #13
Quick tip for melee characters:
The Boss has a pretty large "hit box", so you don't have to stand "on top of him" to hit him.
Move back until you are as close to 4m from the Boss as you can be. This will allow you to still hit him with all your attacks while allowing you to be closer to the edge of the pool.
Turn your camera so that you are looking "away from the Boss" and towards where you want to run when he electrifies the water. As soon as you see the cast start, run out. 9 out of 10 times you will take no electrical damage.
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