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Companions restritced by YOUR alignment

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Companions restritced by YOUR alignment

Saelyth's Avatar

12.24.2011 , 05:26 AM | #1
Companions appear to have their own alignment bar. I know this isn't changeable, (least not yet) but I do know they are separate from your own. But even with that, the game will not allow you do put alignment restrictive items that you yourself cannot use. I.E. I cannot put blue/green crystals on Ashara Zavros' light-sabers. (even tho the one she comes with is blue, and i know if i remove it, i wont be able to put it back on)

Im thinking this might be a bug, something thats just carried over due to the fact that your main character cannot equip such items, so that was just copied over to the companion. However given Bioware's talks of companions alignment possibly changing, and the supposed inability to change their alignment currently, i would expect to be able to put 'gray' level items on them, despite my own alignment.

(sides, i wanted to get Ashara a Red and Green saber combo for the holiday ^_^