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11.23.2013 , 02:18 PM | #361
Quote: Originally Posted by Eitetsu View Post
I'm not sure I understand the advantage of "mouse movement" in PvP as described in the OP. Because if you are holding down both mouse buttons to move forward, and using your strafe key, how are you going to "click" your abilities without stopping? Not sure I'm getting it.

The way I do it is hold "W+D \ A" to "circle" the target and hold "right mouse" to keep camera facing where I need to be facing. Make sense? I can click AND keybind at the same time.

Anyway. For PvE or PvP, in my experience, keybinding your key abilities is far superior. The only things I "click" are cooldowns and other things that are "situational." :-/

you are missing the whole point.

you never "click" your abilities, your mouse left/right is held down for your movement, along with the two strafe buttons.

You now press buttons 1-7, and all the letters near your chosen movement keys to your abilities and fire them off by button press only.

you can still "click" a few buttons if you move your hotbars close to your character on screen and release the mouse buttons and hit your auto run for a second if you wish.

As a former clicker from years back to now being a fully keybound pvp player, I can tell you first hand the difference is staggering. old me wouldnt last 3 globals vs new me.
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01.02.2014 , 07:37 PM | #362
I'm actually a hybrid clicker/keybinder and that works great for me. Mouse turning is better in PvP. in PvE it makes no real difference because your target is just going to stand there for the most part and fight you. It's in PvP the problem comes up being a clicker because you can't turn as fast. end of story. You simply can't and when your target is running around like he/she is on drugs, it's hard to keep up. (though i enjoy watching two mouse turners fight because they never seem to get a hit off). the abilities that are timed or i need to get to them fast are keybinded. the ones that are meh, but i use them a lot, i'll click. my starting abilities are also keybinded. the biggest problem is when you loss your mouse. which happens often. there are my two cents. if you're set up your UI in a way that encourages clicking (because you can change the UI around for everyone complaining about it's a bad one). And there are ways to get around mouse turners. just do what you gotta do to get the job done. it's a game. it's suppose to be fun.

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01.02.2014 , 07:41 PM | #363
I do both but to be honest, with the GCD, clicking does very little to hinder me.
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