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Coruscant Expeditionary Force ( The Progenitor - EU/RP )

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Coruscant Expeditionary Force ( The Progenitor - EU/RP )

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12.08.2013 , 09:15 AM | #1
Coruscant Expeditionary Force

Welcome to the Guild thread! Below you will find Basic information about the guild, it's structure and what the aim of the guild in fact is. I hope any questions you have will be answered here. If not, contact In Game information will be posted at the bottom!

What is the C.E.F.?

The C.E.F. ( Coruscant Expeditionary Force ) is a newly formed military RP guild. It's RP objective is to provide quick, decisive and precise strikes against hostile forces and installations. It is an arm of the Republic Army. Taking part in land, sea, air and space battles where ever needed. While it's official home is Coruscant, the C.E.F. base of operations is usually mobile. Preferring to remain in space overlooking their current Area of Operation (A.O.).

What about PvE and PvP?

While the C.E.F. is primarily an RP guild, and it's recruiting will almost always focus on this factor. We will not be neglecting the PvE and PvP side of TOR. With added numbers to the guild, we will undoubtedly be forming small groups for things such as Heroics, Daily Mission areas, small pre made PvP groups, etc. We will try to encompass all of these things to make the experience and guild bonding as fun as possible!

What does the C.E.F. ranking structure look like? And how can one advance in the guild?

Advancing in the guild structure is easy at first, and will be harder the higher a member reaches. The factors that will be taken in to account are: Attitude, Devotion, Personal Development, Activity, etc. Pretty basic stuff one might say! But once you are over the initial ranks, and start reaching for the N.C.O. ( Non Commissioned Officer ) and Officer slots. Things become more of a challenge. As these roles are usually a sign of trust, they will be given to those that display a level head. Extend a friendly hand to new members, and show that spark of leadership that is more or less the foundation of which you will build upon.

Now for the ranks! Starting from top, to bottom.


The highest ranking officer of the C.E.F. Responsible for coordination, tactical assessment, and deployment of the C.E.F. The rank holder is responsible for both the Ground and Space forces.

Ground Forces

The Captain is the second highest rank in the C.E.F. A position that involves working directly with the Commander, and assisting him with all duties required of that position. This rank is reserved for the most skilled, intelligent, enthusiastic and last but not least, trusted, individuals. This rank is attainable either through the ground forces rank progression, or the Space Forces.

The first Commissioned Officer rank of the C.E.F. The Lieutenant is responsible for tasking the squads under his/her command, in accordance to the orders given by either the Captain, or Commander himself. He/she is directly responsible for every man under their command. This rank is also attainable via the Space Forces progression.

Gunnery Sergeant:
The Gunnery Sergeant, or Gunny, is an experienced N.C.O. ( Non Commissioned Officer. ). Usually assigned to lead a squad with a Sergeant as his second. This grizzled veteran is also directly responsible for passing on the specific training techniques that make the C.E.F. an effective weapon of war.

Sergeant is a rank held by a combatant that has proven his/her devotion and bravery on the field. An excellent marksman, and one that may, perhaps, show potential as a leader. Tasked to follow a senior N.C.O.'s ( The Gunny ) instructions. He/she will be tasked to learn the basics of commanding a squad. And if proven to be effective, he/she will be assigned their own unit.

Lance Corporal:
The Lance Corporal is the basic combatant rank within the C.E.F. He/she is a full fledged member of the guild. Proven to be active and trustworthy to advance to the rank of a full member.

The P.F.C. ( Private First Class ), is the starting rank within the C.E.F. He/she has recently been accepted in to the guild, and is now undergoing a trial period of 1.5 to 2 weeks. If he/she performs to satisfaction, a promotion to Lance Corporal will soon follow.

Space and Air Forces

The top Space and Air Forces Officer rank ( if not counting the Lieutenant and Captain ). This able pilot has reached a a milestone in his/her career in the C.E.F. Proven to have an abundance of skill as either a fighter pilot, bomber or troop transport specialist. The Ensign is assigned to a command position of a pilot wing. Answerable only to the Captain or Commander.

1st W. Officer:
The 1st W. Officer ( First Warrant Officer ) is considered an able and reliable pilot. He/she has seen a fair share of combat, and knows their chosen aircraft inside and out. By this point the pilot has been assigned to an Ensign, as a fighter or bomber pilot. Or as troop transport pilot, attached to a Ground Unit.

Petty Officer:
The Petty Officer is the first rank in the C.E.F. Space and Air branch. This individual has chosen to focus on flight combat, rather then ground. He/she is either being trained as a pilot, or is active in open conflict. If proven to be skilled and capable, the Petty Officer is in line for promotion to 1st W. Officer.
Note: To be able to join the Space and Air Branch, one must first be offered the rank of Sergeant. In which case, the rank is either accepted, or a request form is filed for transfer to the Space and Air Branch.

What are the requirements to join the Coruscant Expeditionary Force?

Since it is first and foremost an RP guild, the rules apply for that sort of environment.

1.) Must maintain a friendly attitude. Disputes can always be solved in a friendly manner. If not, contact a Guild Officer or the Guild Leader.

2.) You must have a name appropriate for the RP environment. Names such as Iamlexluthor, largerod, or pwngoblin are NOT RP names.

3.) You must be semi active over the week. If you will not be, and you know this in advance. Inform an Officer or the Guild Leader via in game mail.

4.) Event attendance is a requirement. Everyone can understand an absence here and there. After all, everyone has a life outside the game. But frequent, unannounced no-shows will get you on the A.W.O.L. list, and that may be a fast track to a removal.

5.) You must have your own Star Ship via the Class Storyline.

How do I join the Coruscant Expeditionary Force?

You can apply for the Guild via an in game mail to Casus. Be creative in your application. Tell us a bit about the character with whom you wish to join. Why you wish to join in the first place? What do you expect out of your time in the Guild? Creativity is a fast track to an accepted application!

NOTE: We are currently accepting the Smuggler and Trooper classes only. The Jedi classes will be able to apply for the guild as soon as the numbers swell to an acceptable number

PS: For any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact Casus in game. Or via in game mail!


The guild may be accepting strictly social members in the coming days. The decision will be weighed on the number of such requests that are mailed. This will allow Jedi classes to join the guild, but strictly as a social member.


Social members are now being accepted!
A social member will be in the guild purely for the company of others, and to participate in any PvE or PvP that they may be interested in. Naming policy still applies!

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12.10.2013 , 08:59 AM | #2
EDIT: 10/12/2013

Please check the bottom of the main post for the edited information!

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12.11.2013 , 03:22 AM | #3
EDIT: 11/12/2013

Please check the bottom of the main post for the edited information!

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12.14.2013 , 08:31 AM | #4
EDIT 14/12/2013

Guild is growing in social members now as well. Slowly but surely making our way in the Galaxy!

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12.19.2013 , 06:56 AM | #5
The C.E.F. will now appear on the Ideal Guild Quiz at !

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12.20.2013 , 01:33 PM | #6
The Coruscant Expeditionary Force wishes everyone Happy Holidays!

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01.01.2014 , 05:51 PM | #7
The C.E.F. is currently on holiday break. Recruitment will continue on the 6th of January!

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02.13.2014 , 02:20 AM | #8

Just wondering, when do your Guild events take place in GMT?