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Thank You.

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12.26.2013 , 01:57 PM | #1
Thank you for another year Bioware. We have seen some changes and whether or not we all agree on the changes I just want to thank you for what you are trying to do.

May you have a blessed, wonderful New Year.
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12.26.2013 , 02:25 PM | #2
Thumbs up for this post, I second that!
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12.26.2013 , 02:53 PM | #3
I endorse this post. Despite all the shortcomings this game is getting better. Keep it up Bioware.
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Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
As theUndead mentioned, I can't exactly spell out all of our policies in depth, but that should hopefully cover your concerns.

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12.26.2013 , 03:30 PM | #4
Exactly, thank you for this wonderful experience, I hope many, many years will follow.
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12.26.2013 , 03:32 PM | #5
Thank you.

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12.26.2013 , 04:17 PM | #6
Yay! Keep it up guys!
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12.26.2013 , 04:33 PM | #7
Thank you EA. For laying off 2/3 of the Development team and Reneging promises and claims you made you had for the game. Thank you for putting your remaining development effort into the cartel market and not fixing issues and bugs that have plagued and still remain in game since launch. Thank you for never having timelines or general dates to expect things and keep saying "Soon". From the bottom of my heart thank you for this learning experience.

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12.26.2013 , 05:27 PM | #8
Why can´t i report this post for being a good post? there should be a positive report option