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First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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12.26.2013 , 01:47 AM | #31
cool stuff, too bad till not interested in gsf =/

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12.26.2013 , 02:58 AM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by MarsherMeow View Post
How about some info on NM DF / DP?
Quote: Originally Posted by WoozleWozzle View Post
Um, both blog posts reference "ops" or "forthcoming operations"? Does this mean there will be starfighter ops?
I am also interested in answers to both these questions.

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12.26.2013 , 11:00 AM | #33
Quote: Originally Posted by Suutrar View Post
I am also interested in answers to both these questions.
Thhat'd be cool but I think it was supposed to just be a short overview of all up coming content, because they said earlier that PvE content for GSF wasn't in development yet but it may start f there was enough interest. I would like a space station op where you had to take down turrets or something first than land on it... its early still in pre release, I look forward to the future of space. It's not the most fun thing ever but I'm glad it's in the game. Just need Pazaak and Pod/Swoop racing now!!
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12.31.2013 , 11:22 AM | #34
GSF hasnt been out that long.. please dont start any new content for that yet.. theres not that many interested in gsf for a start... not in our guild anyway.. or many poeple i know outside of my guild.
I was really happy for a split second until i saw the new ops were gsf related :/

Main game PVE content is whats needed..., PVP, then GSF, and along with the endless trash on the cartel market .... :/ well.. to a PVE'r.. its just not attractive at all - we (PVE'ers) need more new content to keep us paying subs. The repetitive dailies are boring.
Please slow down your marketing juggernaut for a while and concentrate on other things.. such as..

BUG FIXES - some are very old now and should really be sorted out to stop annoying people everyday !!
that sort of constant annoyance can add up & add to any decision to leave when someone has a bad day.

A new FP or 3 - thats a bit more intersting than CZ :/

A new Op - you did well with the Oricon Ops... and the previous 55 Ops were also a welcome addition to the game which, but people get bored so easily nowadays.. and a new exciting Op should be on the cards soon.
I mean.. what else do people want when they reach 55? and how else do you keep then attracted to the game. From my expereince in a guild.. the ones who leave, then return after 6months are noticably suprised by new content and helps get thier interest back.. but u need to keep that interest before ppl get bored! the more next gen games coming out soon will be an easy distraction for most.. so u need to keep up.

Craftng - for the long term subbers who have put time, effort and many credits into crafting.. how about some stuff we can actually sell nowadays? You have to admit, most stuff is all a bit too repetitve andlooks the same as most others do.. forget cartel.. we want stuff we can make thats attractive and can earn us creds.. it seems the only way to make creds now is throw even more money at cartel and hope u get something good in a cartel pack to sell for a few million :/ thats wrong as we already pay you money each month... yes, cartel should be exclusive gear, but crafters should not be forgotten. for example.. the L54 weapons are useless even for comps, the armor is crap... c'mon.. sort it out.
Forget pvp for a while.. they get too much in thier favor anyway even on normal land ... expertise, the use of relics allowed.. new maps, then came the gsf space missions, fancy ships and paint jobs (why cant speeders be colored like that??), 6 new pages on cartel for them..
i joined a pve server for a sole reason anyway.. im just not interested in pvp... if i was i'd go back to Battlefield which is far more intense and slightly more equal than the pvp here.

More playable characters - many have been mentioned and the world is your oyster really.. but why no yoda's or wookies ?? npc's and comps.. well.. we want to use them ourselves.. a vote on new playable characters should be put up on your site.. covering most races within the Star Wars world.

More new PVE stuff must be your priority this year !!!

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01.04.2014 , 05:11 PM | #35
GSF hasnt been out that long.
Huh? GSF is not even released yet since what we have now is early acces. It has even less then the beta since Bioware cut the bombers