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The Voidstar Company is looking for brave heroes

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The Voidstar Company is looking for brave heroes

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12.24.2013 , 01:09 AM | #1
The Great War.

Nothing in history had prepared the galaxy for the galaxy wide conflict when the True Sith Empire attacked the Republic. For thirty years the conflict raged from the Outer Rim to the Core, with the Republic often on the losing end of the conflict. Only through the actions of a few was disaster averted, and even when the Empire sued for Peace it was not to last, and there were those in the Republic who knew that if there had been nothing to stay the Empire's hand, there would not be a Republic today.

The Organization that would become Voidstar Company was started when a group of individuals were drawn to the Cartel Bazaar Cantina, and a Jedi named Crissian Storm hired a motley group of Jedi, force users and scoundrels for a mission on behalf of the Republic.

From this, Crissian understood what he was meant to do. Sometimes one must work outside the boundaries of authority to accomplish a greater good. If this meant turning his back on the Jedi Council, so be it. The Force, and the Code would further his goals.

Voidstar Company was born. Calling upon brave men and women from all walks of life, with motives ranging from justice to the power of the Credit, Voidstar Company takes the fight to the Empire as the Republic cannot, an ambigious and deniable asset that is not beholden to the Government or to the Jedi Order.

Based on the Voidstar, a Republic warship left over from the Great War, Voidstar Company has the ability to strike anywhere, at any time.

Out of Character Information

Voidstar Company is a guild created to allow people to roleplay their characters without creating an exclusionary atmosphere, something that is seen in all Trooper or Jedi guilds. We take all kinds, as long as they are community orientated and are willing to work with the guild to further the experience of the community rather than the individual.

We intend to make Voidstar Company a equal opportunity guild, where everyone has the opportunity to further themselves in the guild by being active, participating in events and furthering Voidstar Company as an organization.

Any interested parties can apply at our website:

Or they can contact either Crissian (myself), Vugohi, Ainolee or Val'isar for more information about the guild.