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I've been missing out...

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12.24.2011 , 02:35 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by rossonja View Post
So I just hit level 31 on my merc a few days ago, and made a sith assassin and sith marauder for a change of pace for the last few days since. I just realized that you could also train abilities for your spec. The whole time I was missing out on all the good abilities bh had to offer. By this time, there were like over 10 to train and I don't really know what is best. I am running arsenal spec right now. Not to mention, I now have the ability to heal myself lol. Man that would have come in handy multiple times. I have mostly been spamming tracer missile, but I saw something expertise about power shot now that I have it. Does anyone have a good rotation of attacks for Arsenal Mercenaries? My toolbar is full of good stuff and I need a good rotation.
to actually answer your question on a rotation, this is what i use:

fusion missile > unload > tracer missile x5 (for the heat sigs) > heat seeking missiles > rail shot. if you have barrage then use unload whenever it procs. since you are 31 and dont have heat seekers just take that out of the rotation and keep the rest the same. the reason i use this rotation is to lead with a dot, use unload since you will be spamming tracer which can proc unload and also add heat sigs and armor debuffs for heat seekers and rail shot. use fusion missile and unload whenever it procs or the cd finishes. add electro dart and others like death from above and sweeping blasters when necessary.

i dont tend to use flame thrower unless i have a group surrounding me because of the heat cost. i dont like using any of the melee skills either because of the heat cost. as a matter of fact i only use aoes when there are more than three lower skill mobs in a group because of the heat cost. i think you can see the trend of this paragraph

most peoples rotation will vary a bit but its almost always tons of tracer missile for heat sigs, proc'ing unload, and using rail shot when you have your heat sigs built up rinse and repeat

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