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Chat Bubbles: We need an option to enable them for say, yell and emote chat!

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Chat Bubbles: We need an option to enable them for say, yell and emote chat!
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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11.25.2013 , 08:27 PM | #1521
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12.07.2013 , 07:48 PM | #1522
Despite these updates, I'm not getting my hopes up.

Seems like chat bubbles are still a long way off.
Ganden Venorsi
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12.17.2013 , 03:43 PM | #1523
Happy thread anniversary! Well, perhaps not so happy, more bittersweet. In any case, I can't believe it's been two years since this very thread has been created.

When we started this suggestion thread, I like many others were certain that chat bubbles being added as promised shortly after launch. My personal guesstimate was 1-3 months tops with Bioware's promise of being implemented at launch or shortly thereafter. Yet here we are, a whopping 24 months later and there are still no chat bubbles in sight. In fact, judging from the recent comments of Bioware/EA employees, the outlook seems to be more grim than ever. Many have given up on the game, Bioware and EA since this thread has been created. But as long as there is a glimmer of hope, there will always be people fighting the good fight. And perhaps once the fruits are ripe, many of those that have given up and left will return.

I guess reaching the age of two years, this thread has been the longest running active thread on the forums! I wonder if we'll get a reward for that? Will someone high up from Bioware or EA drop in and extend congratulations? Perhaps Mickey Mouse himself? Will they gift us with a solid ETA on the patch that will add chat bubbles to the game, perhaps?

On this "festive" occasion, I'd like to take the opportunity to extend my thanks to each and every one of You that has ever contributed to this thread and the cause it represents in a productive and civil manner.
Keep fighting the good fight! I'm looking forward to see this thread continue on strong until Bioware will hopefully show mercy to us soon and finally implement this feature!
Let the anniversary party commence with your comments, memories, reflection and jolly discussion!

Let Bioware/EA/Disney know how you feel! There should be enough imagined Wookiee 'ookiees and bantha milk for everyone!

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12.17.2013 , 04:30 PM | #1524
Wow. Two years. Countless broken promises. Still no speech bubbles in sight. That's it for me.

I've been faithfully subscribing to this game in hopes for this promised feature to be added even though I couldn't really enjoy the game without it, but enough is enough. Two years without any firm date for the feature to be added in sight. It shows that Bioware and EA doesn't care about their customers anymore. All they care about is ripping them off while lying to their faces to keep them paying for features they promised yet never truly planned to deliver.
You have lost a loyal EA and Bioware customer since the early 1990s who has bought virtually every game that came out on any system I owned for good due to this. Bioware and EA will never ever see a cent of my money again. And I'll gladly recommend everyone to vote with their wallets and do the same. That's the only thing Bioware/EA will listen to, it seems, as there is no reasoning with them.

For those that will remain and keep fighting for chat bubbles, the original poster, Sawney, Ganden and all the others that I didn't mention by name I truly wish you'll get them one day. For me, that hope is gone, as I don't see it ever happening. I'd love to be proven otherwise, however.
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SUBSCRIPTION WON'T BE RENEWED due to the lasting lack of CHAT BUBBLES and how long-term subcribers are treated by EA/Bioware.

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12.21.2013 , 04:18 PM | #1525
Quote: Originally Posted by Stubacca View Post
For those that will remain and keep fighting for chat bubbles, the original poster, Sawney, Ganden and all the others that I didn't mention by name I truly wish you'll get them one day. For me, that hope is gone, as I don't see it ever happening. I'd love to be proven otherwise, however.
We'll keep on fighting. And I'll keep trying to use SWTOR-RP as a medium to promote the cause.

Happy holidays guys. Fingers crossed that we'll see something in 2014.
Ganden Venorsi
Ataru shall set me free...

vadess's Avatar

12.21.2013 , 09:21 PM | #1526
I'm voicing my support for this as it's really time to cater more to the RP community, as that's been severely neglected up til now for the PVE and PVP community. Those communities are great, but the whole game shouldn't revolve around them. Go chat bubbles!!

xinloom's Avatar

12.29.2013 , 06:35 PM | #1527
Come on now, I need those chat bubbles! EA, Bioware, there must be a reason we don't have bubbles yet, please do share, or open the possibility for us to write addons, that way we could make our own chat bubbles, and you get free labor.
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12.30.2013 , 02:58 AM | #1528
I'm also throwing in my major support for this idea. Frankly, I haven't really bothered to roleplay due to the serious inconvenience the lack of chat bubbles causes for any form of spontaneous roleplay, i.e. bars, events etc, and it (roleplay) was one of the main features I was looking for from this game. The bizarre thing is, I think most of us are already aware that EA have a ruthlessly capitalistic approach to making/ruining games, (one that will hopefully shoot them in the foot when they discover that all forms of art and creation that they enjoy have been heavily compromised/sold out due to their own perpetuation of this unethical attitude) so surely they can see that the lack of this primary roleplay feature renders pretty much all of their cosmetic goods on the cartel store entirely redundant. Why would I bother spending money on emotes, outfits, cosmetic gimmicks etc when I have no place to use them? Basically, without chat bubbles, my toon has no meaningful interaction with other players, so I don't much care what he/she looks like or can do. It's a basic feature that was long promised and yet in two years there's been no word on it. I too will take this as yet another example of the true nature of EA, and will not be renewing my subscription unless it is implemented or at least updated within my current sub, but I'm absolutely sure no one from the company will even read this or give two cents about my concerns, and therein lies the tragedy of EA.

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01.01.2014 , 04:03 PM | #1529
I really don't see the point.
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01.01.2014 , 05:05 PM | #1530
Only if they give us an option to toggle them off.

As wonderful as it sounds, I can think of a potential problem. Because both factions are able to communicate with each other in /say without a language barrier like the one in WoW, I can foresee that some players may spam yelling macros in warzones to psych other players out and fill up their screen with distracting chat bubbles.

I would, however, like the option of having them. Sometimes I miss it when people are trying to talk to me because it doesn't flash on my screen, and I'm not always focused on my chatbox.

Another thing I like is how in some games it shows a little animation of your character talking whenever you say something in chat. It would be a nice touch, but I don't expect them to go crazy.