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Op Lethality PVE advice

xX_Relicz_Xx's Avatar

12.08.2013 , 10:22 AM | #1
Hello forums!

I've decided to switch my op from heals to dps for a change of pace. I've run lethality on my sniper from time to time, but only in pvp. Obviously Op lethality is a bit different. I was hoping some of you fine people could give me some pointers to maximize my dps, or link some guides!
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12.09.2013 , 04:45 AM | #2
There was a guide floating around here on the forums...hopefully someone else can find it, too tired atm .

quick tips:

1) don't backend your shiv's. what I mean....shiv is your #1 resource for gaining Tactical Advantage (TA). if you set up all your bleeds, then hit it, your going to be dry after you burn that initial TA. so hit shiv early in the fight, and almost always on CD.

2) I say almost, because if you already have two stacks, its a wasted TA. so 0-1 stacks, hit it on CD (which is the norm). 2 stacks, hold it until you can burn one (which should be next priority)

3) keep bleeds up, dont clip them if you can help it. tough to watch for your bleeds when the boss has 500 debuffs on him already, so get used to timing the bleeds from GCD's. or be more simple like me and keep track of how many skill presses you can get in before bleeds have to be refreshed. I like to try and space them out when i can so i can get in shiv's and cull's inbetween them..refreshing them both at the same time can throw off your ability to use shiv when needed.

4) weakening blast on CD. that ones pretty easy, treat it like a bleed, but I think its lower in priority then the others.

What I usually do (im a lazy agent, but this works for the most part)
Open with Hidden strike if you can (gets you one TA). shiv, bleeds up, weakening, cull, shiv again, cull (another cull in there if you get fatality to trigger). from that point i just watch CD's and refresh and cull as necessary, always trying to alternate skills so im not refreshing all my bleeds at once. backstab will be a filler in there when you are open, shiv is on CD, and you want something to fill the space (you'll end up using it allot in boss fights, not so much in solo work).

theres a much better guide here in the forum, but those can essentially get you by.
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12.10.2013 , 09:24 AM | #3
Thanks for the tips!

I've been backending my shivs, i'll fix that! I ran Dread Palace last night and did fairly alright keeping 1 tactical advantage at all times. Wasn't near perfect though. At times i just sat there and waited for shiv to come off cooldown, no backstab or cull. Thats probably a rotation thing though.

How often should you use orbital strike? For sniper i use it every cooldown, should I try for the same thing with an op?
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12.10.2013 , 03:47 PM | #4
always eat your Wb stacks with cull...if you proc fatality on shiv, you have 3 gcds to get your next shiv again, so eat the stacks to get your 1TA and fill with backstab

always keep one TA up to play with

keep your energy between 70-85...higher than 85 is lost dps, lower than 70 and you are starting to get into too many rifle shots

after your opening OS, use OS only after you reapply your dots and get a fatality BEFORE you use WB and then your free cull...this gives you 2 free gcds of regen plus your potential cull crits.

remember those things and you'll be on your way to mastering a fairly difficult rotation. you always have to be thinking 2-3 moves ahead depending on procs...

something like this:
C. Gren
Shiv (fatality)
E.Probe if you got Fatality
Cloak Screen
Stim Boost
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