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Really overhyped & unplayable

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12.04.2013 , 11:41 PM | #1
The gameplay for Galactic Starfighter is simply unbearable for a less than optimal system like my own. I've eagerly awaited the release of this patch as an extra source of entertainment than the usual running around and slicing everything up. It turns out the the already slightly laggy Space Combat is paradise compared to needing perfect accuracy on targets that just accelerate and decelerate frantically, making it impossible for me to keep up with the laggy cursor. It feels like I go in there just to zoom to an objective, turn off the engines and pray to the Lord I don't get shot up while attempting to help the team. No, I don't know this game inside and out, and no I do not have a superior gaming system. But I am sure I'm not the only one out there that finds this simply unplayable.
More or less, I suppose replies answering how to counter these problems would be wonderful, but as a note to Bioware, I love the game to pieces, but it's hard enough tanking a Flashpoint when I can't see the bosses jumping around casting abilities (such as the Sith Warrior in Mandalorian Raiders or the Droid at the end of Colicoid War Games), it's hard enough with all that, but trying to compete in a zone where the reticule is so hard to drag, I can't even seem to lock on to a stationary target! I do not understand why the ship doesn't turn where the blasters aim. (Hence the reticule remain static in the middle of the screen.) Yeah, you lose fancy maneuverability, but at least I'd have a better shot at getting more than one kill over the span of the 3 matches.
So, by all means. Rip into me about how I suck and I should learn to play or upgrade my system. But I doubt even then would it be fun. To me, this super-hyped patch didn't change the game for me at all. I'll have to stick to ground PvP.
What is everyone else's thoughts on this? Do I just suck or is consistently taking down the enemy just impossible?
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EDIT: Heck, I know it's a completely different game, but this makes Jedi Starfighter on the PS2 easy as cake!

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12.04.2013 , 11:50 PM | #2
Nice title.....

how can you blame Bioware for your pc issues?

time to upgrade my friend

I blew my old pc up trying to tweak it for better performance in swtor
It just doesn't work in older pc's the games pretty system intensive

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12.05.2013 , 12:07 AM | #3
It's very playable, and runs extremely smoothly with an old system. I'm sorry, but your computer is indeed too old.

I play at max settings with a 6 year old PC. Yes, back then it was an amazing ( and expensive ) rig....but these days you can do better for very cheap.

For comparison, here's my specs: 2.66 ghz quad core, Nvidia 260 GTX ( used to be 2 8800 GTXs, but I fried one and gave away the other. ) 8 gigs of RAM. Been awhile, I think the RAM is running 1ghz with pretty good timings.

Some tips: With both nvidia and radeon, the last 2 numbers are crucial. So, a 410 is actually worse than my 260. For Nvidia, 80s are the high end, with 90s being 2 underclocked 80s stuck together.

Again, a very old 2.66ghz quad core ( intels first quad core in fact. ) and an old 260 GTX will run TOR at max settings, 1920x1080 great. You can easily and cheaply get something that runs smooth at minimum settings.

NOTE: If you're on a laptop, there's your problem. It costs a fortune to get a truly decent gaming laptop, and even then they won't compare with a desktop for a fraction of the price. For example, here is a $900 PC that is well beyond my rig:

This one should be good as well, for only $700:
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12.05.2013 , 02:18 AM | #4
Yeah, when I was trying to run SWTOR on my Amiga500, it wouldn't even start. Completely unbearable. Must be greedy EA who is responsible for that. I swear they are connected with Intel and Nvidia and they get part of the money I had to spend on a new rig.
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