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Endgame gearing

Sgt_Something's Avatar

12.23.2011 , 09:07 PM | #1
So yeah, I'm getting close to level 50 on my BH, i'm having a GREAT time so far with the game.. I'm going to be a healer when i reach lvl 50, both for pvp and pve..

But i have tried to get some overview on how the game is structured for endgame..

So can anyone maybe give a short overview on what there is to do at 50? What instances are there? how does the reward system work? and in general how do you gear up for endgame? i must admit i kinda, just fell over the game and was like oh its here now? I'm gonna play.. so i havnt read a lot on the game, thats why I'm confused.. so how does the endgame work ?

I hope someone out there will use a few minutes and make a quick overview for me and others that are a little confused on what to do at lvl 50..