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Operations are Broken

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12.23.2011 , 04:07 AM | #1
So after assembling a group tonight we decided to start raiding in Karagga's Palace. The trash went smoothly and eventually we got to the actual event. Upon falling down into the pit everyone became stuck to the center most point of the floor and moving left or right caused them to be immediately recentered at their original point.

Eventually a Consular used force speed and got out of it. People then used the /stuck command and fell to their death so they could be resurrected (pull didn't work since they weren't in LOS).

The actual fight consisted of an untauntable boss with no aggro table that hit like a truck and would run around 2-shotting healers. Please don't tell me this is intentional as the rest of the trash in the instance was face-roll easy and this was just normal mode, it's supposed to be doable by fresh or near fresh group of 50s.

So after we verified that it was indeed hopelessly broken twice (we had to clear the trash again too since we couldn't zone back in without receiving an error) we headed over to Eternity Vault.

After clearing the trash in front of the building nothing happened. From what I understand the boss is then supposed to come out but all we got was a locked door. We cleared it twice to make sure but we just got a dead end twice.

Why Bioware released a game this broken, I'm not entirely sure.

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12.23.2011 , 04:33 AM | #2
bugged raidbosses are the closest ill ever get to vanilla 40 man difficulty in wow.

Im enjoying every second these days as much as I can seeing casuals wipe.
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12.23.2011 , 04:03 PM | #3
My raid group ran into the very same issues. Got stuck in the pit in Karagga's and no boss spawn in Eternity Vault. I hope Bioware gets their crap together soon. One can only play Huttball so many times.
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Jeezuswaffle's Avatar

12.23.2011 , 06:34 PM | #4
Not so sure that the boss itself is bugged. From my experience with him, he focuses a person and chases them for a while, randomly switching targets. I've never seen him straight up kill someone from catching them, unless they had low health to begin with.

A more prominent problem with operations, however, is that you are unable to zone in after wiping on a boss. The instance says that an encounter is still in progress, even when all the group members have died and are waiting outside the entrance. The only way to fix this is to reset the instance, and re-clear the trash to a boss just to get another attempt. Insanely broken, and very annoying.

eNcFireWraith's Avatar

12.23.2011 , 08:36 PM | #5
Lol, the boss itself is not bugged. We killed him no problem.