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Trident Gaming Community is expanding into SWTOR

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Trident Gaming Community is expanding into SWTOR

Zeladin's Avatar

12.01.2013 , 10:23 PM | #1
The Trident Gaming Community is expanding into SWTOR.

the Members and Cadre of TGC are a group of like minded gamers with a wide variety of experience in MMORPGs. we offer support in many games for our members, as well as a dedicated RPG Group for those of you who enjoy writing. We do have members from all over the world, and are currently active in 3-5 other games at some level, as well as the RPG group we provide.

Our Guild Leaders on both the Republic and Imperial sides are experienced SWTOR players, and bring a wealth of in game and MMORPG knowledge and experience. We have set up on the Jedi Covenant server, but will eventually build factions on the Red Eclipse server as well for our European gamers.

Republic Guild: The Republic Guardians
Imperial Guild: Guardians Of The Empire

To grow, we need your help.

You can now get involved with our SWTOR Group in it's infancy to help build a strong faction on both sides, as well as taking advantage of any of our supported games. We will be interviewing applicants to fill Officer positions within our Guilds, so if you are interested in Leadership, opportunities are available. We have a short trial period for community Members, this is to insure that you are a good fit for us, and we for you. We are mostly older, mature gamers, and even though we don't necessarily have an age limit, we do appreciate those who carry themselves with maturity and integrity.

We offer a dedicated Teamspeak server that supports all our gaming ventures, as well as an interactive forum.

You can find us at

If you have questions, you can contact us via that forum. A short application form is available through each games forum, once completed we will get in contact with you at our earliest opportunity. (You can also contact Shalyne (IMP) or Zeladin (REP) in game for more information.
"Our armament must be adequate to the needs, but our faith is not primarily in these machines of defense, but in ourselves" -Admiral Chester W. Nimitz

Evengelyne's Avatar

12.28.2013 , 09:21 AM | #2
Come check us out. Right now we are few, but we have a wide range of character levels and will gladly help with leveling. We also have plans for solid Ops Teams for both Empire and Republic. Our goal is a stress-free, fun environment.

You can contact us here or contact an officer in-game.

Empire: Evengelyne, Shalyne, Nox'strela
Republic: Danlyn, Zeladin, Evengelynn

Vahronnica's Avatar

01.01.2014 , 07:07 PM | #3
We are Trident Gaming Community check us out here
We have a variety of gamers and are seeking to add more (and more games in time as well).

Casual play, looking to do Flashpoints and End Game Operations ; PvE with some PvPers as well. Please feel free to stop by our Site at the link above and take a look around - if you want to be involved with a smaller Community looking to grow, this is the place for you!! We welcome alts in both Guilds (Imp and Rep) and are looking for players who will be committed to helping us all learn and grow - be they new players or veterans of MMORPGs!!

Hope to see you soon!!