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<Hatred> Recruiting A Tank For HM/NiM Progression (The Harbinger)

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<Hatred> Recruiting A Tank For HM/NiM Progression (The Harbinger)

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11.29.2013 , 12:32 PM | #1
<Hatred>'s C group is looking for a highly skilled Powertech or Juggernaut tank to fill an opening within our raiding group. The applicant should have experience clearing:

*Terror From Beyond [NiM]

*Scum and Villainy [NiM]

*Dread Fortress [HM]

*Dread Palace [HM]

The applicant should be geared in a mixture of 72s/78s, min-maxed, all datacrons, legacy buffs, etc. An extensive knowledge of the class and of other classes is necessary. Ideally, the candidate has leveled multiple alts. (For Alt Runs)

Since it is challenging to quantify the skill level of a tank via a parse, we are seeking a raider with an extremely high level of awareness and an uncanny ability to setup other members for success.

The tank should be interested in hardcore progression raiding, yet posses a laid back, mellow, easy-going, demeanor. In other words, our raid group is looking for a solid team player. Jerks, drama queens, and ******es need not apply

Our raiding group raids 3 nights a week for 4-5 to hours:

Tuesday 7pm-12am Thursday 7pm-12am Sunday 7pm-12am (all times Pacific, server)

Potential candidates will be offered a trial run with the group.

If you are interested in joining our group, please contact our raid leader in game via in-game mail and/or through in-game whispers:

Mrsagentskully, Aurllia, Judgedreads, Pintoo, AmanÄman (On The Harbinger)

For more information about our guild, please contact

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<PLEASE NO TROLLS ONLY SERIOUS APPLICANTS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>