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Suggestion: Social points bonus at end of runs

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Suggestion: Social points bonus at end of runs

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12.23.2011 , 07:30 PM | #1
Just a though. Black Talon gives a lot of social points due to having a lot of dialogue choices. However, the following flashpoints give almost none. Certainly, they require no less teamwork than Black Talon, but they don't seem to reward it as much.

My personal experience is that I feel like the only way to get the various social vendor items is for me to go back and grind BT right now. At level 26, I'm maybe 1/4 the way to social II, and the vendors are now calling for social III. It feels like the only ways to get significant amounts of social points right now are to run Black Talon (which gives something like 100/run), or to be in a party from the moment you roll the character (to get points from the numerous dialogues for accepting and handing in missions). For someone who has only grouped for content that called for it (Heroics, flashpoints), I got more social points in the short time it took me to do Black Talon than I have on Hutta, Kass, Balmora, Nar Shadaa, Hammer Station, and Athiss combined.

This just strikes me as silly right now. I think the easiest solution is for flashpoints (and other group content) to have a social point reward when you complete them (based on party size, and on how much dialogue was in the area). I mean, right now, doing Hadra's Defeat on Kass gives nothing, even though it requires at least as much teamwork as Black Talon does.

Specifically, my thought was that the reward should scale with the difficulty of the area, the party size, and the type of area (ops>flashpoints>heroics). So the early heroics on starter planets might give you 3-4 points per additional person with you, while the ones on capitals would be more like 6-7 or so. Black Talon doesn't really need it, but an extra 15-20 per party member in Athiss wouldn't hurt.

Basically, I feel like right now social items require outright grinding (either of areas with tons, or dedicated leveling with a friend where you do everything in lockstep), as opposed to simply being willing to work with other people.