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Accuracy for sorcs?

shadestealers's Avatar

11.17.2013 , 08:21 PM | #1
Hi, sorry to ask such a noobish question but I'm unsure how all the mechanics work in this game.
My question is do you need accuracy for dps sorcs? If so why? The stats sheet said I have 100% force accuracy why would I need more? This is from a pve point of view and I'm aware more then 100% reduces resistances but I don't understand why some people I've played with say get 110%.

Please help a new player understand.

shadestealers's Avatar

11.17.2013 , 08:50 PM | #2
Bump for a reply

shefflad's Avatar

11.17.2013 , 09:51 PM | #3
Some bosses have a higher resist built in so having 110% should equal it out.

verfallen's Avatar

11.18.2013 , 02:31 AM | #4
As said, bosses at least and even some random mobs now have 10% resist chance, so getting it to 110% is you "effective" 100% accuracy against them.

In PvP, you don't need it however, players did not receive a resist % in 2,0, and the 3% accuracy in the tree + 1% from companions more than cover sintanks or PT (if I recall well) getting some in their trees/set bonus.