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Updating missions while logged off?

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Updating missions while logged off?

Liadrun's Avatar

11.12.2013 , 03:32 PM | #1
I have just recently come back after not playing since launch. Is there a website that lets you keep track and update your companions while you are not in game? I can't recall if there was one for this game. Thanks

psandak's Avatar

11.12.2013 , 05:03 PM | #2
There is no such site or app.
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11.13.2013 , 01:44 AM | #3
Dang. Alright, thanks!

Kurzaa's Avatar

11.13.2013 , 12:05 PM | #4
It would be nice if Bioware implemented a means of checking the results of missions offline, but adding the ability to queue crew skills offline would be detrimental to crafting I think. Unless it was significantly longer so you could only assign crew skills offline once a day...for those who can't log in for one reason or another.