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Search Cartel Market or Market online

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Search Cartel Market or Market online

MorgRose's Avatar

11.12.2013 , 12:26 AM | #1
Is there a way to search the Cartel market or is there a Cartel market here on the online system?
I see cool stuff on other players. they tell me they got it in the Cartel Market . so i open the market and look through all the categories and don't see it. if not, could i throw in the suggestion box that searching become an option or that the market be available online too?
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Tito_O's Avatar

11.12.2013 , 01:13 AM | #2
No, there is no way to search for specific items in the CM. And an online verison is also not available.

However, dulfy has articles about at least most of the cartel packs, with preview pics of the sets available.
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Deathstalker_'s Avatar

11.12.2013 , 03:49 AM | #3
The majority of items from the Cartel Market actually come in packs. Basically, you buy a pack, and when you open it, you get a handful of random items specific to that pack. The drawback to this is that you have no control over what you get, so you can waste a lot of money trying to get one specific item. However, if you are looking for one specific item, you can do a search for it on 5he Galactic Trade Network; there's generally a pretty good chance that someone has one they don't want and are trying to sell for credits. in fact, you can even get items that are not available in packs anymore off of the GTN, though the prices will tend to be high on those items.