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Setting Time in Forums

NJReese's Avatar

11.11.2013 , 09:17 PM | #1
Hi. Just back to the game after being gone for a good while. I posted in another thread about my launcher problem and noticed my time of post was way off. It said I posted at 4:00 AM when it was 10:00 PM! I tried looking for an option to set, but can't see it anywhere. So, how do I set the time correctly. And, yes, my clock on my PC is set correctly. I am posting this at 10:17 PM.

AshlaBoga's Avatar

11.11.2013 , 10:31 PM | #2
You can't change forum times. They're done based on BW's time, otherwise the time of my post would say "8:31 PM" for me.
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