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large difference in dps checks between Bestia and Tyrans - why?

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large difference in dps checks between Bestia and Tyrans - why?

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11.11.2013 , 06:06 PM | #11
Many of the fights in DF and DP are badly tuned, with one aspect of the fight very hard, while other aspects are ridiculously easy. Tyrans (like Nefra, Corrupter Zero and the Dread Council) is definitely a healer check, with the tanks taking massive amounts of spiky damage while the raid-wide slam and a very high dps DoT takes down the rest of the group.

The strat we use depends on the healer composition. As always scoundrel/operative healers are the best for this fight (and by far the best healers in general right now), and any combination of scoundrel/operative and commando/merc means that the group can spread out to better manage simplification and inferno. The DoT can be mitigated with fast-casting HoTs and DPS who use their defensive cooldowns when they get the DoT.

With a sage/sorc, we actually found the best method was to have everyone stack in on the same square as the tanks (staying behind the boss to avoid thundering blast, of course). Salvation/Revivication on cooldown pretty much negates raid damage while also keeping the tanks up. The challenge with this method is simplification and inferno, and it requires good coordination from the group to deal with those mechanics properly.