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Miraluka looking for a guild!

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11.08.2013 , 08:47 PM | #1
Hey! Here's my biography. I'm looking for a heavy Jedi RP guild. Mail Jhaedra ingame

Jhaedra is an eighteen year old Miralukan Jedi, born on the Miraluka homeworld, Alpheridies. Jhaedra trained as part of the Luka Sene, before moving to the Jedi a few weeks ago. Jhaedra is new to the Jedi but displays an interest in History And Philosophy. She has a vivacious personality, and a sense of adventure.

She grew up in a farming community on Alpheridies with her family. As she displayed an exceptional talent with the force, she was quickly discovered by Luka Sene, who chose to train her in basic properties of the force, And Miralukan Religion, Ashla And Bogan. As she grew older, her thirst for knowledge and potential led her to being discovered The Jedi , who invited her to train on Tython, as part of The Jedi Order. Jheadra still misses her family And Alpheridies, but is eager to learn all she can while on Tython...