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Let's see if we can create a majority vote list of needed tweaks.

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Let's see if we can create a majority vote list of needed tweaks.

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11.07.2013 , 05:44 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by skarlson View Post
A second go of it for lightening:

Increase root to 2s for Lightening Swarm so it is more than a speed bump
Increase range of Electrocute to 30m
Add CC immunity to Polarity Shift with Chaos Nexus
Decrease base cast time for Whirlwind to 1.5s
Increase distance of KB slightly for Overload
Add immunity to and removal of movement impairing effects baseline e.g. fadeout
Increase Force Slow movement reduction to 70% as it is a single target slow

Fixed or see how it goes before further changes.
Forgot, barrier needs a KB+slow so people cannot instantly kill us. Make KB 360 again; we should not be the only class with a KB that needs to actually aim it. The whole idea behind all of this is if they are going to focus us then they should have to work for the kill. Just like we have to work to keep distance so we can cast.
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11.07.2013 , 06:13 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by verfallen View Post
In PvE what sorc mostly need however and i forgot to put there, is utility in its dps trees. Offheal are widely disregarded, and while lightning sorc can arguably be the best class to offheal due to its abundance of ressource compared to every other AC, most fight bork that by requiring every bit of dps you can. You can think of HM Styrak where even healers add some dps due to the tight enrage timer. So a DPS offhealing just borked the team. So DPS can be fine, that question brings what is the sorc bringing to the raid from its class?
You bring a single fight as an example to conclude that offhealing is senseless? That is simply not true.

I haven't seen an enrage on all of the new hm stuff, in nim all the enrage timers are not that tight (compared to the other requirements). HM Styrak is like the only fight in the game that has a more difficult enrage timer compared to the healing/tanking requirements of the fights, it's not really a good example (in my opininon).

Bubble (and other offheals) are good. There are a lot of big hits (terminate, huge grenade, force execution...) in the game. When you don't have a sorc in your group the bubble is simply an awesome utiliy to have for stuff like this.