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Old Player Back - Looking for a new guild to call Home.

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Old Player Back - Looking for a new guild to call Home.

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11.02.2013 , 12:34 PM | #1
So i just started subbing again after being gone for along time. (Start of the hutt cartell) if i remember correctly,
Im a member of the Guild Sol Invictus on the Republic side, the guild is for all intents and purposes dead it seems, it was a great guild with mature people with a solid sense of humor wich is immensely important and we did raiding and pvp and i honestly hate to leave it even now, but with a guild dead not much i can do.
Important part is tho i will be going back to my Imperial Tons so im looking for a Guild with a mature atmosesphere. i prefer playing with older people since it just means less drama and more focus on having fun.
also imporant is a relaxed atmosphere. im looking for raid guild that does "relaxed" raiding. no hardcore stuff.
dunnys and pvp. a mix of everything basicly.

im just starting up again and its gonna take a while for me to get the hang of things again. i tend to forget everything once i stop playing.
On the Imperial side ive got
lvl 55 Jugg Harvey, i use to dps and do off tanking on my guardian so same thing here i guess.
lvl 50 Bounty Hunter Octavis - spec no clue, dont remember if i raided with him but if i did most likley dps.
lvl 50 Assassin Oazuma (use to be Scorpious but had to do name change on the server merge Way back)spec no clue. raided with him as dps. think i might have done some offtanking dont remember,

Republic side ive got
lvl 50 Commando - Domrin, Raided with him dps.
lvl 50 Guardian - Fiorian - Raided with him as dps and offtank (was in the process of gearing up)

As i said im looking for a Imperial guild, if its got an extension in to the republic thats a bonus but not something required.
What i value tho is maturity and relaxed atmosphere, some relaxed raiding, dunny runs for fun and if people like to pvp thats awesome. i like to do both pve and pvp. preferbly with friends / guildies.
and humor gotta have humor in the guild!
Guild gotta be using some sort of voice program. i like to log on first thing when i log on to the game and chat with guildies while we do stuff.

Looking forward to replies!

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11.06.2013 , 07:00 PM | #2
Update: ive decided to join Detoxified Raven Squad. so no longer looking for a guild.