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when is the saber throw color glitch being fixed?(protest)

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when is the saber throw color glitch being fixed?(protest)

watermelonfan's Avatar

11.06.2013 , 01:46 PM | #1
When I throw one lightsaber with my sentinel, Guardian, Juggernaut, or Marauder it turns into a random color. This glitch has been going on for over a month. Why the hell hasn't it been fixed? It really affects my enjoyment of the game. This glitch is really annoying. its so annoying I might have to quit the game! This is not a joke. This is a serious matter. These are the only classes that I enjoy. I can't play another class while I'm waiting for this glitch to be fixed with a simple patch. Why don't they finally fix it instead of being lazy? A fix for this glitch is so overdue. When is this glitch being fixed? Does anyone know a way around this glitch?

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11.06.2013 , 01:49 PM | #2
Ouch...if Saber Throw makes or breaks the game for you...levels 1-36 must have been torture.
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CaptRogue's Avatar

11.06.2013 , 03:20 PM | #3
To correct your first post, I do believe this glitch has been going on longer than 1 month. Think it's at least more like 2.

If that is what makes or breaks the game for you, then maybe this game is not for you. lolz
There is other more pressing bugs/glitches that need attention besides this one that does NOT happen to everyone, just random people.

Heck it could be a problem with just the people who has had issues, video cards, or PCs. Maybe not a SWTOR issue at all, since it is random.
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McSomething's Avatar

11.06.2013 , 03:22 PM | #4
There's a saber throw color glitch? I haven't noticed one, and I use the ability quite frequently.

shadowrouge's Avatar

11.06.2013 , 03:30 PM | #5
Try changing the color crystal in your saber. use saber throw then change it back. Dont know if this will help but its worth a try.
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watermelonfan's Avatar

11.06.2013 , 03:30 PM | #6
it started happening after a specific patch. I forget which one, but anyway its not my computer that's the issue. I have tested this on 3 different computers. It happens with all 3. What glitches are worst than this? I haven't seen any other ones that bother me. Bioware needs to fix glitches in a timely manner. and what about the dread relic Reverse engineering glitch? No one can learn that schematic anymore because of that glitch. That glitch has been going on since April. Why hasn't that glitch been fixed? That glitch is also pretty severe. The developers should be taking their job more serious.

Savej's Avatar

11.06.2013 , 03:31 PM | #7
Whenever you throw your sabers close your eyes and try to remember the name of any song that Britney Spears has introduced in the last 10 years.

watermelonfan's Avatar

11.06.2013 , 03:31 PM | #8
Quote: Originally Posted by shadowrouge View Post
Try changing the color crystal in your saber. use saber throw then change it back. Dont know if this will help but its worth a try.
I've tried that. That doesn't work, but thanks for the response.

watermelonfan's Avatar

11.06.2013 , 03:33 PM | #9
I just checked the known issues page. This glitch isn't listed there. Why not? my lightsaber turning random colors is pretty severe.

watermelonfan's Avatar

11.06.2013 , 03:34 PM | #10
I demand that bioware fixes this glitch. I've been very patient. its been well over a month and it still isn't fixed. I'm paying a subscription every month. They should fix this.