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Madness Sorcerer DoT Mechanics

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Madness Sorcerer DoT Mechanics

Atiris's Avatar

10.31.2013 , 02:54 PM | #1
Hello all. I have a theory and I would like to know what other people think of it.

There's a general consensus that Sorcerer's definately need some revamping in order to contend in End Game PvP, particularly in Ranked Arenas. Though the main issue people are having with the Madness spec reflects the lack of Force Regeneration and costs of spells, I also want to propose another potential issue that I, personnaly, am having. This issue has to do with the spec's primary purpose, based on how BioWare designed it. Single-target focus.

Comparing Madness to Lightning, everyone can agree Lightning spec is the one you want to choose if you're looking for burst damage and big numbers, while Madness is designed to have more sustained damage. This is because the general concept behind the DoT mechanic revolves around sustained damage by applying multiple DoTs.

Through my years of playing an Affliction Warlock in WoW, I believe I received a very good impression of what a successful DoT orientated spec looks like. You had a variety of DoTs, some doing damage, others hindering opponents, others enhancing allies. But most importantly, you had the tool to spread your DoTs around. You could never expect an Affliction Lock to burst down opponents like Rogues, Frost Mages, or Elemental Shamans but rather wear them down over time by surviving purely off of defensive talents like fear, demonic circle, and soul link.

But then you put an Affliction Warlock in Battlegrounds and or arenas, and you have quite the contender. By spreading their DoTs around to multiple targets and then controlling one specific target, they heighten the pressure by focusing healers to spread their own heals across. You may wear down one person on the team while the other is being focused by your allie, only to set up a switch once he is low enough and the healer is properly contained. THIS is what made Affliction Warlocks amazing. THIS is what made DoT orientated specs amazing.

I get that this is not WoW and therefore, deserves a more original concept and design. However, it is almost as if BioWare based Madness off of Affliction locks, but without giving us the utility of control and the ability to spread DoTs. Thus, this hinders the spec in group orientated PvP. Granted, a Madness Sorc may fair well in 1v1 environments due to stacking the DoTs with Force Lightning, I still feel that there is a huge element missing.

What do you all think? Do you think this spec would be colorful for both Sorcerers and Assassins if it had a better ability to spread DoTs or control over others? Keep in mind I am not saying transform them into Locks, but I do strongly believe that having DoTs spread like an epidemic is one of the focal points to build a successful DoT orientated spec.

mulzii's Avatar

11.04.2013 , 05:46 PM | #2
its been mentioned before. Some people like the idea. Personally, as i have pvp'd with a madness sorc since launch, i really wish we'd get two improvements: 1. a burst ability that consumes all the dots on a target for a large chunk of burst damage (think in the rail shot range, single target), dmg dependant on how many dots consumed. 2. have a skill that returns more force from a specific Dot.

madness sorcs need a burst utility. pvp is all about burst. Sure i can throw out alot of 'fluff' dmg, but it doesnt mean much if theres no burst. Never understood what ops get a free energy replenish, and we have a crappy force one that actually takes health. but then again, ops are a devs little pet class, so i guess its not that surprising...