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Defiance - Focused PvE - Casual RP/PvP, is Recruiting!

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Defiance - Focused PvE - Casual RP/PvP, is Recruiting!

Ajaxduo's Avatar

11.04.2013 , 01:00 AM | #1
Hello there! As you know finding a Guild with the right 'focus' that suits your play style can be difficult to come by on The Progenitor. So I will sell it to you in one sentence, Defiance is heavily focused PvE Empire based progression guild with the odd casual RP/PvP. We currently have 3 raiding teams; Founders team, team two and a recently formed team three. all with varying levels of progression. We can offer; a Mumble channel for you to communicate with other guildies, advice on end game gearing/rotations/roles, Guild Crafting, help with tactics, a positive social environment and a place for like minded people to raid and potentially form up their own raid teams, instead of painfully pugging Ops. If you are interested in joining or have any questions feel free to contact one of the following guild leaders in game; Falere, Propheci, Selgin, Shadowsijn or Kastina.


- As of 11/13 Defiance is looking for a high standard DPS for our main team, a 5 minute parse uploaded to Torparse is required. Also note we raid both Imp and Rep side by mirroring our classes and using Legacy gear, we effectively double up our raids, progression and loot.

- As of 11/13 Defiance is looking for a guild of similar progression who would be interested in doing 16 man hard mode DF and TDP.