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Suggestions by ArRashid

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10.27.2013 , 10:44 AM | #1
I'm starting this thread to make some suggestions to make this great game greater.

Chapter 1 - Character creation

1.1 Playable races
- Togruta, Bothans, Cereans, Nautolans, Mon Calamarians and Gungams could all be suitable candidates for future expanding - all of them have humanoid body (except Mon Calamarians, which have little deformed arms), all that's incompatible are their heads, which could be avoided by permanently hiding head armor
1.2 Faces
- by far most faces ingame look like the designer had no idea how skull looks like, let alone face. Most races have 1-2 better (good but not GREAT) faces that are usable, the rest is garbage. Not to mention some races have no good faces at all
1.3 Hairstyles
- not many of those hairstyles are really usable - when you walk around the fleet, guess what? There are just about 3-4 hairstyles present, the rest are probably only ever used on RP servers, maybe not even there.

- probably the easiest thing to do to increase variety would be to make some existing hairstyles usable by females as well - presets 2, 3, 9, 10, 12, 27 and 28 would look good on females. Females currently lack any short "boy" cuts and offer just military style 1cm long hair, baldie mohawk and such.
- high-tech environment such as Star Wars wouldn't make dual-color hairstyles look too weird either. The possibilities are endless. For example last week I saw a girl with Geralt of Rivia-like hairstyle, with hair color going steadily from white to teal color... needless to say I instantly fell in love..
- some other ideas for hairstyles found around the Internet: (this one would require little shorter tails so it woudln't clip with armors)
and many many many others, just look at deviantart's fan artworks and you have more inspiration than you ever needed.

Chapter 2 - Graphics
2.1 High resolution textures
- I've seen the topics about this, and the answer to it was a REALLY pathetic excuse. It's like every game developer around the globe should sit on his hands because SOMEone's computer wouldn't handle it? Then tell me why you bother with LOW and MEDIUM res textures? Hm? That's like if you tied all race cars at the start of a competition together, so noone can drive faster than the slowest one. There is abolutely no reason why don't you allow at least characters within 10 metres of you being drawn with maximum detail. Sorry, but my 5 year old average laptop can handle 4k textures, so why does the game look like 256x256? I mean it doesn't HAVE TO be forced to all players.. graphics are customizable you know..

Chapter 3 - Bugs
3.1 Blaster Pistol
- have anyone seen how your (female) character holds blasters? Look at it, just look at it! If you have just one blaster pistol (in the right hand), then your hand is holding the air to the right of the blaster's handle - it looks REALLY bad. When you have 2 blaster pistols equipped, then your right hand looks as it should look like, but this bug mirrors itself in the left hand, doing the exact same thing.. And this bug is around for AT LEAST last 4 patches without a fix.
3.2 Assault Cannon
- haven't any of the devs noticed that 90% of them (except those really small models) clip with your shoulder? And the new, jumbo-sized ones clip even into the neck so badly it's a miracle it doesn't come out on the front side? Well, it looks terrible.. I don't know, what about moving the gun farther from the back when it's not in hands (if it's possible?
3.3 Sentinel's Exalted Belt
- part of the Exalted (lvl 20 legacy) armor set for Sentinel is STILL bugged and clips HORRIBLY through whole Sentinel's Exalted Robe when you move. It of course isn't visible on character preview screen, so when you equip it it's already too late, and you lost 200 000 credits on an item that clips so much you can't use it. This issue has been around since forever too.

Chapter 4 - Classes
4.1 Miraluka
- one of possibly the best races you could hope for is done so badly it discourages all but the... well.. blind ones. All current models of those "things" around eyes look horrible, like if they were made for some other game back in year 2000, also, WHY THERE IS NO BANDAGE? Plain, white BANDAGE? Like the one on the Miraluka's racial icon? Why is the most simple and sexy option that wouldn't hinder ANY hairstyles OR helmets missing? Also female Miralukas can only choose (in my opinion) worse possible female hairstyles there are.
4.2 Twi'lek
- their faces have terribly low-res textures even in character creation - it practically feels (and looks) like 128x128 - try using any scar option, and you'll see pixels so big you'll /facepalm yourself. Also, they have too low amount of different tattoos/markings. Go over to deviantart for some inspiration for "cool" markings. Twi'leks have great potential, but these issues (along with ugly faces mentioned in chapter 1) discourage most people from using them. Not to mention their Lekku often clips with pretty much everything, but I guess that can't be avoided, unless characters AND armor get a proper physical and collision models.

Chapter 5 - Item ideas
5.1 Color Crystals
- Aquamarine - white core, light blue edges
- Acidic - white core, acid/neon/bright/fel (whatever you call it) green edges
- Marshmallow (probably not a too bright name for SW universe) - white core, very faint pink edges
5.2 Armor
- Leather (or other) coats. I'm a big fan of those, but currently there is only very few of them (Rist Stateman Coat, Vandal coats, Troublemaker, ..). Scarf around the neck makes it look cooler too. Looks for inspiration in Westerns, Deviantart, or other sources (check out the coat of Vash the Stampede)
- also a few very nice ideas here: http://thirteenthfaeriestyle.tumblr..../22764281241/x
- Undershirt - seriously, I doubt there is even one of those.. yet we have loads of slave dancer ones. They would look good on males, even better on females (mainly if you make them show a bellybutton)

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10.27.2013 , 10:46 AM | #2