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Starting Space @ Lvl 55 and I'm lost.

KarmaForce's Avatar

10.23.2013 , 01:57 PM | #1
Somehow people love space since we are getting an expansion on it but it doesnt seem like anyone does it.

My goal is to max reputation for space. What is the quickest and/or most efficient way to get there?

The rewards for the missions i see are so low it hardly seems worth it, if i want to use comms for better gear. Im not even sure where the rep comes from.

There are a few level 50 space items to be bought on the GTN but the prices are way too high and i'm not going to bother with the Cartel Market with unforeseen changes in the future.

Iwipe's Avatar

10.23.2013 , 02:11 PM | #2
Bioware have not released any info that the upcoming Galactic Starfighter xpac is tied in any to the current space reputation.

To gain space reputations, you want to do the hardmode space missions, which you will need level 7 upgrades unless you are really good. So you will need to buy them on GTN from other people/crafters or spend some cartel coins.

There is 1 hardmode space mission available per day, giving out a blue rep every day. The exception is the Sunday one which ask you to do 2 of them and give you a purple and blue.

Here is a guide: