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2.4 Tank Builds

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10.20.2013 , 05:02 PM | #51
Quote: Originally Posted by dipstik View Post
Guardian 2.4


post 2.5 slope and intercept:: -2.86631E-05 0.370996245
post 2.5 spike at 2682: 0.04225
pre 2.5 slope and intercept: -3.4083E-05 0.43397
spike at 2682 in 2.4: 0.053634426

total d s a squish post 2.5 pre 2.5
2500 180 1027 1293 0.299358745 0.348790151
2600 180 1080 1340 0.296452002 0.345333771
2700 180 1133 1387 0.293585494 0.341925235
2800 180 1186 1434 0.290760 0.338565326

2682 180 1123 1379 0.29410 0.342535207

relic data (2.4)
weighted relic base diff
def proc 0.3371 0.3252 0.3413 0.0054 5999
abs proc 0.3379 0.3247 0.3425 0.0047 6948
shd use 0.3391 0.3218 0.3425 0.0034 9391
use def 0.3403 0.3292 0.3425 0.0022 14566
warding 32.3810
Is the healing relic no longer viable for Shadows? I didn't see it mentioned anywhere.

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10.21.2013 , 11:14 AM | #52
it is viable until 2.5, but i think the warding relics gives more front loaded mitigation, which is what shadows need more of. the healy relic gives 782/23=34 hps, while the warding gives 1360/43=31.6 absorb (i used 42 seconds for relic calcs in 1st posts). given that the healy will be obsoleet with 2.5, and gives reactive mitigation, the warding relic is recommended.

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10.21.2013 , 08:25 PM | #53
So how does the Reactive Warding relic actually work? Does it reduce damage by X for the duration? Does it work on all damage types?

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10.21.2013 , 10:16 PM | #54
Think of it like a sorc bubble that lasts 6 seconds and absorbs a maximum of 1360 damage.
Quote: Originally Posted by Grumpftard View Post
The secret to tanking is to play like a crappy DPS. Play it like that DPS in the GF that always makes you say "*** is this guy doing?"

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10.25.2013 , 07:19 AM | #55
Can someone explain how to read/understand the relic section? Like am I comparing the first numbers? Second? To see which will be better for the class to use.

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10.25.2013 , 09:14 AM | #56
Quote: Originally Posted by ZentheSecond View Post
Can someone explain how to read/understand the relic section? Like am I comparing the first numbers? Second? To see which will be better for the class to use.
Allow me to interpret, ideal relics for all tanks averaged over most encounters will be the Dread Forged Relic of Fortunate Redoubt and the Dread Forged Relic of Reactive Warding. If the relic tier you're at does not have a Reactive Warding Relic and you are a Guardian or Vanguard, get the Relic of Shield Amplification. If you are a Shadow and doing either Nightmare mode of the previous operations or HM of the current operations, get the Relic of Shield Amplification. If you are only running HM of SnV and TfB, get the Relic of Ephemeral Mending.

So, ideally Fortunate Redoubt + Reactive Warding or if you can't get the Reactive Warding -> Fortunate Redoubt + Shield Amplification.

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10.25.2013 , 10:49 AM | #57
as an example:

weighted relic base diff =warding
def proc 0.3037 0.2927 0.3075 0.0050 6526
abs proc 0.3047 0.2937 0.3086 0.0039 8329
shd use 0.3062 0.2938 0.3086 0.0025 13070
use def 0.3066 0.2964 0.3086 0.0020 15846
warding 32.38095238

so weighted is basically your expected mitigation with that relic. the column called relic, is what your squishiness is while the relic is on, and the base is what your squish is while your relic is not proced. the diff column gives you how much mroe mitigation you are getting compared to not having a relic at all. =warding column tells you what dps will make that relic equal to the warding relic (above that dps you want that rows relic).

so u can wither use the lowest weighted, lowest =warding or the highest diff. if u are fighting a boss that dopes more than 8329 dps, you would want to switch out the warding relic for the absorb proc one.

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10.25.2013 , 11:01 AM | #58
Alright follow up questions to the relic one;

1. Has there been the math done on the new Ops to detail out their damage output per boss like was done with SV and TfB? If so where can I find this info?
2. What was the formula used to figure these out? As all of this math is done with Dread Forged I presume, so kinda curious if the numbers change with the lower tiers.

And one really odd question directed to dip about the AMR profile for the Shadow;
Is the primary stat proc relic a mistake? As the last time I looked at it (around the time of my first post) it was the 255 primary stat on proc relic.

Thanks for all the help folks

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10.25.2013 , 02:23 PM | #59
here is DF and DP info ( i need to get those added to KBN post, since i dont have room in my 2 posts):

the numbers for 2.0 and 2.2 are in these forums, but only for snv and tfb which have similar damage type ratios to DF and DP respectivly. you can see how numbers change at different stat budgets here:

and yeah, the shadow build has wrong relic, ill fix that. should be redoubt and warding.

Dread Fortress Damage Ratios

M/R K/E DTPS: 8017.74
F/T I/E DTPS: 195.63
Total DTPS: 8213.37

M/R K/E: 0.9762
F/T I/E: 0.0238

Gate Commander Draxus
M/R K/E DTPS: 2582.08
F/T K/E DTPS: 332.46
F/T I/E DTPS: 303.47
Total DTPS: 3218.01

M/R K/E: 0.8024
F/T K/E: 0.0651
F/T I/E: 0.0943

Boss Tank
M/R K/E DTPS: 3933.88
F/T K/E DTPS: 1504.63
Total DTPS: 5438.51

M/R K/E: 0.7233
F/T K/E: 0.2767

Corruptor Zero
M/R K/E DTPS: 2332.84
F/T K/E DTPS: 1506.44
F/T I/E DTPS: 339.95
Total DTPS: 4176.23

M/R K/E: 0.5586
F/T K/E: 0.3600
F/T I/E: 0.0814

Dread Master Brontes
M/R K/E DTPS: 1959.79
F/T K/E DTPS: 948.20
F/T I/E DTPS: 393.54
Total DTPS: 3301.53

M/R K/E: 0.5936
F/T K/E: 0.2873
F/T I/E: 0.1191

Dread Palace Damage Ratios

Dread Master Bestia
M/R K/E DTPS: 2129.51
F/T K/E DTPS: 1488.19
F/T I/E DTPS: 60.73
Total DTPS: 3678.43

M/R K/E: 0.5789
F/T K/E: 0.4046
F/T I/E: 0.0165

Dread Master Tyrans
M/R K/E DTPS: 2675.99
F/T K/E DTPS: 1475.85
F/T I/E DTPS: 155.94
Total DTPS: 4307.78

M/R K/E: 0.6212
F/T K/E: 0.3426
F/T I/E: 0.0362

Dread Master Calphayus
M/R K/E DTPS: 3828.27
F/T K/E DTPS: 119.20
F/T I/E DTPS: 39.07
Total DTPS: 3986.54

M/R K/E: 0.9603
F/T K/E: 0.0299
F/T I/E: 0.0098

Dread Master Raptus
M/R K/E DTPS: 2877.02
F/T K/E DTPS: 1517.11
F/T I/E DTPS: 175.47
Total DTPS: 4569.60

M/R K/E: 0.6296
F/T K/E: 0.3320
F/T I/E: 0.0384


Dread Fortress

M/R+K/E: 77.3227%
F/T+K/E: 17.6268%
F/T+I/E: 5.06244%
DtPS: 4869.55

Dread Palace

M/R+K/E: 66.6464%
F/T+K/E: 31.1310%
F/T+I/E: 2.22263%
DtPS: 4205.61

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10.25.2013 , 05:04 PM | #60
How exactly does the Warding relic work? As I see 2 different possibilities for the relics effect and everyone I speak to seems to be confused... So which of the following is it;

1. When it procs it absorbs the first 1.3k damage that you take, then goes on CD.
2. When it procs it absorbs 1.3k from all attacks that hit you during the 6 second window, then goes on CD.

Mostly my guildmate tanks seem to think its the first one, and me... Well I have no idea. And a dps put to them that maybe its the second.
And if it is the first.... How exactly is it BiS? It'll absorb X amount total, then be on CD for 40 seconds.... It seems so... bad for most fights.