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Skipping at loading screen

Crimsonorion's Avatar

10.12.2013 , 03:54 PM | #1
Now this started to happen a couple months ago and seems to ONLY be TOR. Sometimes, not all the time when I'm getting onto my ship [Almost always when I'm LEAVING a planet] I will see the loading screen, the music will play for a few seconds, start to skip and once [Though may happen all the time and I don't notice] (Not Responding) will show up next to the Title Bar [I play windowed] . it will skip [Same note replaying over and over] for probably a couple seconds, then continue loading. Now as far as I can notice its only the TOR Game Instance that does this. Nothing else is affected. Now it doesn't happen all the time but I would like to know if its a minor issue or a symptom of something? Also during this time when it was happening I got a new HDD and installed TOR thru the Discs. So it started to happen when TOR was installed thru Origin, and carried on to Disc.

I posted this in customer service and bug reports since stuff tends to get buried quick in CS