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Tabula Rasa is recruiting - The Progenitor Server

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Tabula Rasa is recruiting - The Progenitor Server

Threjyan's Avatar

10.09.2013 , 06:35 AM | #1
Good afternoon, morning or night depending on your timetable

Currently Tabula Rasa (republic side) is recruiting players for operations mostly. if your goal is to progress mainly in hm operations send me a message or a whisper in game. we are very social and want to have fun most of the times while doing the pve endgame hardmode content the game has to offer.

of course we do all of the content the game has to offer but pve raiding is our goal

so if u are looking for a guild/home to do hm operations, give me a whisper in game "Threjyan" is the name. u may know me from being a crafter on this server.

we currently have preferences for ranged players (healers and dps) but we accept tanks and melee dps aswell. though truth to be told we are well covered in melee dps (sentinels in this case), but in any case if u want to join Tabula Rasa for progression in HM operations, give me a whisper.

we usually raid from sunday night to thursday night (we usually raid at night)

you can also have a look in our website and contact us through there, and you can also see our bosses progressions in sm, hm and NiM.
we also have team speak 3 has our vocal support.

thx and have a nice day.
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