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Dark Watch is seeking new members!

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10.08.2013 , 05:28 AM | #1
There are those that are always visible, carrying out their everyday tasks and pulling the yoke of the Empire. Their lives are dominated by protocol, routine and often monotonous assignments.

We are those who remain hidden, those who observe, those whose actions remain shrouded in secrecy, whose doings are the subject of rumour and conjecture, whose names are whispered in the darkness but never spoken aloud.

We are the Dark Watch. We work to protect the secrets of the Empire and undertake the missions which no one else can complete.


Dark Watch is a guild revolving around the concept of a Black Ops unit compromised of both Force users and non-Force users. In order to fulfill the demanding and often life-threatening missions we undertake we seek to build a close-knit community of roleplayers who can work on both solo assignments and as part of a team. We are not a part of Imperial Intelligence, we are in fact a mainly military based unit although we do have our own techs, researchers and so forth as well as combat focused individuals.

There is a place for skilled characters in our guild, regardless of what their skills revolve around. Due to the nature of our missions we must be flexible and adaptive, this means that we employ the talents of everyone from Slicers to Historians, Warriors and Mercenaries, Infiltrators and Snitches. If you are seeking something exciting and new with great potential for personal character development alongside our Guild Plotline developments we would welcome you into our number.

We encourage our members to explore creating their own plots, events and ideas and we provide a friendly atmosphere in which to do so.

Please feel free to contact us in-game for a friendly chat by whispering Maala, Pan'dorah, Xevren or Hrezshar. Alternatively you can feel free to visit our webpage below.