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"Code has already been used!" error? Can't access forums? Here is how!

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"Code has already been used!" error? Can't access forums? Here is how!

Caffeinetank's Avatar

12.23.2011 , 10:01 AM | #1
If you preordered your game from Origin, and when you enter the code, it says that it has already been used, here is what you do:

This is if your code begins in 9FV, since that is the PREORDER code, not the registration code.

Do NOT call SWTOR service, they will only make you send in an email with your receipt and preorder code to

You need to go to the origin website, and log in with your SWTOR information. Then, you need to go to your account, "orders and billing", and then select customer service.

For the product you are having trouble with, type in "Origin."

Have them call you. Then tell them you never got your code (or your spam folder got it and deleted it), and that you need them to re-send you the email with your code in it. They will do so. THEN you can use this to register your account.

I'm sharing this because I have spent the last 3 hours hashing this out. I was on hold with SWTOR for TWO HOURS! Then I called origin and told them I need my code, and the issue was resolved. PLEASE STICKY this so I can help others!

Gren-Aluren's Avatar

12.23.2011 , 10:05 AM | #2
You can also go to Settings > Order History in Origin. It will show you the actual product code along with the pre-order code if you pre-ordered.