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New to MMO's and having trouble with grouping.

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New to MMO's and having trouble with grouping.

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09.20.2013 , 01:09 AM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by DoctorWild View Post
This is my first venture into an MMO and I'm having trouble understanding the "code" when it comes to working in groups. I've been booted maybe 7 or 8 times without an explanation as to why I was booted. I'm not trying to post this in here to say that I'm being unfairly booted or anything like that because I'm sure there is a pretty good reason for me to get booted. My problem is that there isn't too many people around on the server that will explain what I'm doing wrong and how to fix it. One of the times I got booted came after the first set of enemies that we encountered. The only advice I've received from anyone is to uncheck the "tank" role in the group finder, that's about it. So I pretty much gave up on doing any of the Flashpoints because of this. I know there are people out there that have played endless hours of these MMO's and understand just about everything about them. But do these people forget when they first started learning this stuff? I mean if they don't want to deal with any "new players" in their group, don't join the group finder, stay with your friend's or guild or whatever. I just wish they were more tolerant, or explain to the new person what they're doing wrong. They don't have to write a novel, just say "you were booted for..." It just sucks that I have to stay with my "class missions" because I know that's not what all of this is about.

If anyone could help me out here, I would greatly appreciate it.
Dnt forget the links that someone else allready gave it to to you but since this is your 1st MMO i would also like to suggest going to and when you feel confortable enough for a bit more advanced explanations on theorycrafting go to
Noxxic is pretty much user friendly guide for talent trees, skill rotations and how to use them, bursts, procs, and stats just read it properlly.
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09.20.2013 , 06:13 AM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by mikebevo View Post
4 healers here, geared to the teeth on my sawbones and I can say without a doubt I am not going to pull threat from tank or dps for my healing. I can also say, threat dump or reduction is not going to help me except in a few situations in ops that have aggro dumps. I was told to use them on NiM TWH for some reason, mine is not to question, mine is just to heal as the group says. Otherwise the my aggro dump is only good for a 1/2 amusing animation. It will not get rid of those attacking me if they have not been taunted or attacked by dps and/or tank. It is just a useless as someone guarding me for aggro reason. Any unattacked/untaunted mob is going to go after the healer. It does not matter if I have 100% present threat or .00000001% threat, if they are untaunted and unattacked by everyone else, then .00000001 is still more than 0.000000000, so reducing it means nothing. More important is for dps/tanks to know kill order and their role. Now I can use disapearing act to drop combat, but the moment I unstealth and pop a heal they are back on me.

Gold Fever a killer of Healers.

As to threat droup by dps, yes that should be part of the roation in group play, especially during/after opening.
There's absolutely no reason that you shouldn't be using your threat drop. It's free, and it isn't on the GCD. In FPs, pulls are typically with multiple mobs. Many times, threat is generated on mobs at the beginning of the fight, and as the fight progresses, your healing aggro surpasses that initial aggro. Your threat drop will either delay that or prevent it altogether. And if it does happen, then it makes it easier for the tank or a dps to get the mob off of you.

There are zero drawbacks to it, and there are benefits (no matter how marginal you think they are). Therefore, you certainly should use your threat drop.

On a similar note, it's not "useless" for a tank to guard you for aggro reasons. It simply is more useful for it to be on a DPS.

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09.20.2013 , 07:28 AM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by Askesis View Post
There are zero drawbacks to it, and there are benefits (no matter how marginal you think they are). Therefore, you certainly should use your threat drop.
True there is zero drawbacks, and there is zero benefit, because a healer is not going to pull off a target that has been attacked and it does nothing for a group that hasn't been attacked/taunted. Now if I am doing dps too. I will use it, because between healing and doing dps I have pulled from a tank.
Quote: Originally Posted by Askesis View Post
On a similar note, it's not "useless" for a tank to guard you for aggro reasons. It simply is more useful for it to be on a DPS.
No it is not useless for everything, but it is completely useless for adds not attacked or taunted that have already pulled. If a mob is tied to the larger mob but have not been attacked/taunted they are going to the healer, aggro dump and guard is not going to stop it. In some fights putting guard on the healer is actually the way to go, but it is still useless in preventing mobs that have not been attacked or taunted from attacking the healer. Only way to prevent that is for dps to do their job. Of course sometimes it is unavoidable because stunlockers/healers/AoE damagers are more important to kill then the weaks attacking the healer.

It can also depend on the healer. If the healer is new to endgame and not over geared for the instances yet, give them the guard. Still is fairly useless, but it may give them the illusion of feeling safer.

All I can say about my aggro dump, it is great animation on a smuggler. If I feel like I am really in danger, I run to the smashers with gold fever, use disappearing act, wait for the mobs to start hitting the smashers and then start healing again. That works where the aggro dump doesn't because the smashers will hit everything near them.

Quote: Originally Posted by GalaxyStrong View Post
When I first started playing the advice I was given was to heal the tank. Then hit dps with heals as needed and lastly heal myself, but I should never need to heal myself so don't worry about it. This did not work, healer dies the raid dies in content you are not outleveling/outgearing. It was told to me by a tank.

Later I was told healing in progression content is about prioritizing your heals. Knowing who to heal and how much to heal them at any given time. This helps when you have voice, but it is always important to know other classes abilities. It is also easier when you play with a certain players over and over because you learn their play styles and when they use defensive cooldowns and medpacs. The normal priority I use is 1. Tanks, the one on the boss get priority. 2. Other healer, 3 highest output dps, 4 Me, 5 rest of dps, in a pug that will be dps following directions, 6. dps not following directions standing in lava the entire fight. Knowing the highest output dps is difficult at times in a pug, so then I just heal all dps following directions equally. I will not kill my energy management healing the dps standing in lava. I will heal them, but if they are going to cause a wipe by killing my energy, they die.

While healing is my first priority, my second priority is to limit the damage I take. So I move out of AoE and stay away from hit zones.

The last thing I do is dps, I use attacks that don't eat any energy or take very little energy. DPS hard and then the tank takes spike damage and dies because I am out of energy can't happen. Helping with dps is no excuse for letting someone die. Healers job is to keep everyone alive, everyone makes it to enrage on their feet the entire fight, then the wipe isn't the healers fault, they did their job.