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LF Crafting skill to make money

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LF Crafting skill to make money

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09.18.2013 , 06:58 PM | #21
There 2 main ways to make alot of money.
1. Aim for top end gear that sells 1 million or more for a single item.
This requires massive work upfront and alot of money. Not to mention grinding flashpoints to get rare item drops to RE in hopes that eventually you'll get a schematic. Once it's going you can make hundreds of millions of credits.

2. What most people have mentioned, market mid level gear to people leveling. Instead of one expensive million dollar items sell 30 20,000k items
The effort involved is minimal and the cost is almost nothing. The difficulty is finding a gap in the market to sell in. Becoming a millionaire is easy but you'll only have tens of millions, not hundreds of millions.

Personally my old market was selling space upgrades. Material costs are low and easily self produced, effort is so small I do it while sitting in a Warzone countdown, and sells for 10-20 times the materials cost. I don't know if it's still lucrative but it was still going after the Cartel space packs came out.

I still like CT the most but find something that sells well with little competition; I've thought artifice off-hands always seemed like there was a market gap.
Blue gear in the 20-40 range is a very busy market. Look there.
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