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Records of The Great Shadow: The Legend of Tulak Hord

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Records of The Great Shadow: The Legend of Tulak Hord

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The Records of The Great Shadow

Chapter One: A Growing Shadow

3,671 BBY, Republic Space, the planet Korriban

Edric Starl of the Imperial Reclemation Service smashed down the ancient black door with a solid punch. There was a hiss as a ratlike creature scurried into the darkness, fearful of his wavering light. As the hefty man stepped past the door way, his jaw fell open in shock.

He stood in a giant antechamber, filled with golden treasures and relics. Holocrons, black and ancient, lay piled upon scattered riches. Ancient metals and jewels, of the like not seen for centuries, shifted beneath the archeologist's feet. In the middle of the treasure-filled room, four massive obsidian pillars, centuries old, rose into the subterranean depths. their vast bulk holding up the underground room. In the dead center lay a solid black pedestal, and upon it sat a blood-red holocron.

Edric approached, the treasure clinking under his feet, drown forward by the allure of the object. It called to him, summoned him. As he approached, the holocron flickered to life. A Sith Pureblood, with high, ridged eyebrows, and small tentacles dangling from his chin, gazed up at Edric from under a shadowed hood.

"Welcome" boomed the Sith in ancient Basic. "I am Unliis-Shuul-Vek, The Prophet of The One Sith, Guardian of the Halls of Knowledge, and First Historian and Chronologer of The Dark Lords of the Sith, from the Exiled One, Ajunta Pall, to the Lord of Hate, the Master of the Growing Darkness, Tulak Hord."

Edric's eyes widened. A holocron containing records of all the Dark Lord of the Sith? Pall, Sadow, Ragnos, Hord. This discovery would make him famous, legendary even. But even as his hand moved to take the holocron from it's resting place, something stopped him. He found words not his own spilling from his mouth as his knees bent and he fell into a kneeling position before the shrine and the holocron.

"Tell me the legend of Tulak Hord...."

__________________________________________________ ______

The planet Weyluun, The Early Sith Empire, 5,723 BBY

The tale of Tulak Hord is not a glorious one, not at the start. In the fragile period between the coming of the Exiled Jedi to Korriban, as well as the Founding of the Sith Empire, and the period known as the Great Hyperspace War, there existed a Golden Age of the Sith, during which the growth of the powerful Sith Lords increased exponetially. It was the age of great Sith. Ajunta Pall, Karness Muur, Wuliren Varess, Marka Ragnos. At the dawn of this Golden Age, on the half-colonized planet of Weyluun, near Korriban, there was born a child, strong in the Force.
__________________________________________________ _______________________________

The tall trees of Weyluun rose into the humid air of the forestworld. The early morning sun of Weyluun hung in the north, and the light weaved through the dense leaves to the forest floor below. A small, three-tailed creature hung on a turqoise branch of one of Weyluun's trees. A rustling to the north in the underbrush caused the creature to dart away, frightened.

A small human boy, about nine or ten, pushed through the clustered leaves, glancing around as he entered the small clearing. He wore faded brown clothing, and his pale black hair hung in his eyes. A cut ran from his cheek to his chin, lightly oozing blood. The boy's face was set with anger, and unfathomable rage burned in his eyes. Again ,they had taunted him. Because he couldn't use the force. Because he was quiet, and because he had no friends. To call what they did bullying would be an understatement. They debased him, treating him like an animal at the very least.

For the hundredth time in his short life, Ariken cursed his father, a disgruntled weakling of a Sith, who could barely hold a lightsaber. He had tyrannized the small colony, lording it over the peasants, human and sith alike. And with his death ten years earlier, the colony had found a new source of hatred in his infant son.

Ariken paced to the center of the clearing and sat on the warm, muddy ground. He closed his eyes, and thought about those he hated. His father, an arrogant monster who had cursed his son by simply having him. His mother, a useless wretch who cowered behind the robes of the new colony leader. And every useless soul on this blasted planet. He felt something stirring within him. The Force. He'd sensed it there before. But try how he might, there was a wall between him and the mythic power of the Sith Lords. He strained, willing his hatred to the forefront of his mind, concentrating his anger. He could feel it come closer, closer than it ever had before-

And then, as quickly as the feeling, the touch of the Force, had come, it went, and he was once again as capable of using it as he was of flying of his own will.

With a disgusted grunt, Ariken rose from the forest floor and paced away, through the sweltering forest, towards the Weyluun colony. Behind him, in the clearing, the grass began to die, and slowly, the leaves of the tree nearest to where he had been sitting, withered, and turned black as night.