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Scoundrel/Operative DPS (PUG) WZ Guide

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Scoundrel/Operative DPS (PUG) WZ Guide

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09.03.2013 , 03:36 PM | #1
TL;DR This is a basic solo DPS PuG WZ guide, experienced players probably won’t get much out of this.

Hey folks, I’ve been PUG PvPing with a DPS Scoundrel and its mirror, the Operative, for close to a year and a half now and they are the only AC’s that can hold my attention for more than a short period of time. I tried most of the others to get a feel for their strengths/weaknesses and their class stories, but I always come back to these guys. I have been guilded for a few months, but I still do most of my games solo in a PUG.

I’m going to throw my usual play style down here with any tips/tricks I might use and hopefully more of you with many WZ’s worth of experience will add your own or refine mine. I prefer Scrapper/Concealment, but I swap to DF/Lethality for certain maps and situations. This is intended to be a basic PuG guide for new and intermediate players so if I am sharing things you think are quite obvious or simple, please remember my intended target audience. Constructive criticism is welcomed.

I’ll put both ACs terminologies in for ease of reading by everyone. Let steel sharpen steel.

I normally make up my mind which spec I will be during the pre-WZ time then play it for the whole round, except for Voidstar where I always run middle tree on offense and right tree on defense. Switching specs in the middle of a match can be hectic/scary and takes me about 15-18 seconds, but YMMV. Practice helps.

My usual middle tree spec is:

This one is actually more popular:

My usual right tree spec is:

Sometimes I use this:

**A quick aside about our brothers in stealth and node guard duty. Yes, the Shadow/Assassin does this better (due to tank spec and better def CDs), but in a PUG match we don’t always have one on our team, or have one that is willing to guard. A stealth guard is almost always better than a visible even though some AC’s are now equipped with tools to be better than they were (Sniper, Powertech and even Sorc).

Alderaan Civil War (CW) – If I am planning to guard grass or rush snow I go middle tree and if I am going mid I go right tree.

Guard Duty – After a successful capping, I set up on the very outside perimeter (in different locations that offer a wide view of incomings), not on the actual node platform. I am usually out of range for defender medals because of our weakness vs enemy Shadow/Assassin, but not so far that I can’t Scamper/Exfiltrate to get in range for Sleep Dart. I would rather win the match and be short a few medals than lose because I was found first and lost the node.
If a visible enemy is approaching I tell ops chat “inc ‘node’ (#)” and prepare to sleep dart *before* they reach the node, only if it is a solo visible attacker. Sometimes they actually turn around and go somewhere else. If not, then resolve will be lowered a bit by the time they get to the node. For multiple attackers I setup rotating sleep dart among any of them who start capping, waiting until about 6 seconds through the channel to buy as much time as possible for backup. There is a risk here that you can get caught and stunned by enemy and lose the node. Your decision on this will come will experience. If a stealth attacker appears and starts to cap I sleep dart first and then give ops notice.

If I see that help is not coming and it looks like I will be alone I will open with a normal attack rotation on the easier target. If I think I am going to lose the fight or if I was already outnumbered I will kite/stay alive as long as I can to let resolve drop before I will pop Disappearing Act/Cloaking Screen and go back into sleep dart rotation. You can use the node itself for LoS, as well as the stairs/walls of the platform. A second tactic I might use if I was outnumbered is to use Flash Bang and LoS to heal up or drop Flyby/Orbital Strike on the node before being forced to use DA/CS.
Just remember when node guarding your job is to keep the node first, kill the bad guys second. So use all your tools like AoE grenade, free attack, scamper/exfiltrate, 2 second root/slow, etc. to kite and interrupt caps until reinforcements arrive.

Solo Node Capping – This is at your preference and what you are comfortable with, but here is my normal decision process. If there is no visible guard and I know there is a shadow/sin on the enemy team I leave it alone unless we are desperate or I know from experience that I have a good chance to beat that player.
If there is one visible guard I usually go for it even if we might not need it at that moment. If nothing else it will certainly draw support and weaken the enemy from the currently contested node. If it is a class/player I think I can beat I just go right in and attempt to burn them down and cap. If I think I will have trouble with them I will go for one of two kinds of ninja capping.

First, if I think they are not paying attention, which is normally given away by a static player standing in a poor location like towards the front of the platform with the node behind them, then I will try to just cap behind them. Stand as close to the node as you can with the node directly between you and him for LoS and begin capping. Second, if he is in a location where he can see the node or he is running/jumping around then I will wait until he gets close to the node and I will sleep dart him in a way that we end up with the node between us when I immediately start capping. The vast majority of players will break cc at this point to stop you. Then I flashbang, again so that we end up with the node between us and cap again. At this point it comes down to lag, luck, etc. but many times you can successfully get this cap off. Then buy time for your team to come help by going into node guard duty.

Node contention – My priority list here is interrupt cappers first, harass/kill healers second, focus down low health targets third, and wreak as much confusion as possible. You often have to choose between careful play to protect the node and your healers and risky moves like going after a healer or trying to cap in the middle of a fight.

Ancient Hypergate (AH) - If I am planning to guard I go middle tree and if I am going to help control mid I go right tree.

Guard Duty –After a successful capping I set up on the perimeter. You don’t want to be on top of or close to the node as you are setting yourself up to be easily ninja capped (will explain how this works in the Solo Node Capping below). You ideally want to about 25-30m from the node, but if you have become more comfortable with defending here you can set up even farther and use Scamper/Exfiltrate to quickly close on an enemy capper. Refer to my CW strategy above and adjust your sleep dart to 4 seconds after they start capping as here it only takes 6 seconds to cap. Both sides have pillars you can use for LoSing. If you can get off a Flyby/Orbital Strike right on the node it will buy a big chunk of time (I use the gunslinger/sniper 2 piece bonus to add an extra tick).

Enemy Node Capping – This will earn you the hate and discontent of your enemies. The plan is simple while the execution can vary greatly in difficulty. Basically, you want to sneak up on the solo node guard and sleep dart him and immediately break stealth and begin capping. You want to cc him from behind the node if possible so you have a view of their respawn and mid so you can see if help will arrive shortly. Do not attempt if an orb runner is on the way or if he has teammates jumping down from the respawn door. If he doesn’t break cc you will likely get the cap (lag, luck, etc. can be a factor). If he does break cc, you flashbang him and cap again. This time you will get the cap unless it is a Sorcerer or a Powertech. Sorc can bubble and stop you and a PT can use shoulder cannon to interrupt even while CC’d. I have been stopped by Sorcs a few times now, but have yet to encounter a PT/Vanguard solo guarding.
Mid Contention – I personally feel we are weak in here with limited space to maneuver and only the center block and doorways for LoSing. You can jump up on the side walls and use cover to stop leaps and sling DoTs and grenades like a madman though. We are good orb runners if you have the chance to grab them. Flyby/Orbital Strikes on the doorways can dish out nice damage, as well.

Huttball (HB) – I am always middle tree for this one. Using my special HB spec (lol) More Scamper/Exfiltrate usage than right tree, the lackluster heal from Pugnacity/Stim Boost and the increased off heals.

Offense – You can be guaranteed to grab the ball first unless your mirror is on the other team. With stealth and Scamper/Exfiltrate your ability to quickly move around and get into great passing positions is unparalleled. Obvious tips like leaving stealth to receive a pass and use cover to stop leapers are nice here. Between the sleep dart, knockdown, root/slow, stun and flashbang we have strong CC to assist the ball carrier. Knockdown people into the fire as they wait for it to go down or send them falling from the catwalks if they are close to the edges. As a ball runner the usual ones from pre 2.0 (Jugg/Sin) are still better than you, particularly against good teams. Where you shine is in getting ahead and staying ahead. My HB spec offers a little extra survivability, lots of Scamper/Exfiltrate and our cc will help a ton if there is only one or two people in your way. Two scampers will get you through the fire and with defense screen up you will live through it with half health or better.

Defense – Again our mobility is crazy on this map. You can almost always catch up to a ball carrier, even one that has a huge lead (non-mirror class). If you find yourself way behind you can stand in the fire and hope you respawn in time to stop the carrier. You can cross the fire/acid with one Scamper/Exfiltrate, sometimes not taking damage at all. You can go from the top catwalk to the ledge of the endzone and bypass the last fire. You can shoot off at a 45 degree angle from the last ramp and make it almost to a side ramp. Play with this, it is extremely versatile. Our CC and front loaded burst are great here and you will often be the hero (in your own mind) who stops the ball carrier inches from scoring. Don’t forget to use your 2 sec root on a carrier with full resolve!

Novare Coast (NC) – Same as CW and AH for specs.

Guard Duty – Similar to the CW and AH strategies with the big difference here being that it takes forever (18 sec) for one player to cap a node. Solo attackers are less of a threat, since ninja capping won’t happen unless you are asleep at the keyboard. Use the hut, fortification walls and base of the gun battery for LoSing. There is a heal buff not too far off that you can grab mid fight. You have a huge field of view in this map so incomings are easy to spot and call early.

Node contention – Watch for cappers! If a yellow or purple beam is shooting out of someone’s hands you need to interrupt them. Apply liberal use of your AoE and avoid tunneling to keep the node. If your team is assaulting the node and no one is paying attention to you then you should be trying to cap yourself. The range at which you can cap is huge (20m??) so you don’t have to be in the hut. I’ll try to come up with some more to add for this map.

Voidstar (VS) – I use middle tree on offense for speed capping and right tree on defense for DoT pressure and back end burst.

Offense – Scamper/Exfiltrate straight to a door at the beginning. Ask a teammate to draw attention from the door or ask all of them to go to the opposite door. A lot of PuGs will stand on the starter block and wait to see which side will be heavy. You can sometimes cap the door uncontested seconds after a match begins.

Once a bomb is planted, you ideally want to drop Flyby/OS on the door, get out of combat and in stealth and slightly away from the door to dodge any incoming AoE. Protect the bomb until detonation (only 2 sec cast to deactivate) and then Scamper/Exfiltrate straight to the bridge controls and try to cap. Once you get ahead of the enemy you are often going to cruise though all the way to the end. Ask your team in ops chat to drop slows/cc at the doors and bridges to assist you. On matches where you aren’t this lucky make sure you pay attention to the respawn timer. Finishing off a healer or tank right as the respawn door closes will really hurt the defending team.

Defense – This is the time when playing the numbers game will make or break your team. To keep this short, if you outnumber the enemy on your side, then your teammates are outnumbered on the other side. The more unbalanced those numbers are the sooner they will plant a bomb on your door. Make sure you are ready to rush to the other side when you see this unbalance happening.

When your side is dying and you feel a bomb plant will be coming soon drop your flyby/OS on the door and buy time for your team to respawn. Protect your healers with your slows and CCs and dps down their attackers. The longer your heals live, the better chance you have of successfully defending. Use the pillars and heal buff to your advantage, you should be one on the last ones alive every time. If you see you are soon to be the last use your Disappearing Act/Cloaking Screen and cc any attempt at capping to buy time for your team to respawn.

**Hope this was helpful for some folks. Thanks for reading!

TL;DR Basic solo PuG WZ guide, experienced players probably won’t get much out of this.
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09.06.2013 , 09:40 AM | #2
Seen a couple of people saying "hey I'm new to this PvP lark" recently, wouldn't hurt to point them to this post.
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09.06.2013 , 10:27 AM | #3
half expected to see 'respec healer. continue with WZ.'

nice job OP.

i like the breakdown by individual wz, but i don't see anything about ancient hypergate
oversight or didn't think it was worth mentioning?
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09.06.2013 , 09:55 PM | #4
Thanks for the comments guys.

Quote: Originally Posted by oaceen View Post
...i don't see anything about ancient hypergate
oversight or didn't think it was worth mentioning?
During my formatting the AH title line somehow got misplaced, haha. I appreciate you catching that.
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09.06.2013 , 09:59 PM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by Cryowolf View Post
During my formatting the AH title line somehow got misplaced, haha. I appreciate you catching that.
ah, yeah, i guess all the civil war stuff blended together into one big thing lol. i was thinking that if it was purposeful, it was probably because node capping/guarding for CW and AH are very similar
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[Guide] The Dirty Rotten Scoundrel's PvE DPS Compendium