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How can this game lack innovation so much...

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How can this game lack innovation so much...

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08.31.2013 , 10:52 AM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by theUndead View Post
OP I just want to ask you one thing. In your latest reply I read how you feel about SWG innovation and how it stood afloat right up until the end. But you did not acknowledge how that other game still has the most subs and is still the benchmark. While I understand your opinion on SWG you can't base every opinion you have on this games direction and mechanics to it. What I'm saying is although your recent post went into quite a bit of depth I feel that you need to remember that innovation is a subjective thing to people and while you feel SWG had it most feel the other game had more.
Regarding that other game here is my opinion. Computer game wise it set a new benchmark as you said and achieved something that was unheard of until then as far as subscriptions. Was that a good thing or innovative for the MMO industry? In my humble opinion at least gameplay wise no, but that is clearly subjective. Don't get me wrong that game was innovative in the way it managed to marked itself and combine the crowds from the RTS and MMO fields. Also it offered a very polished product compared to what was around. To achieve this though it sacrificed a lot gameplay -wise... Mainly it sacrificed immersion for simplicity and signified a turn for the MMO industry from MUD type logic towards Dungeon Crawl.

To me an example that kind of describes my point of view would be that the game in question is like the Fast Food of MMOs. It took something delicate which needed a learning curve to appreciate and turned it into something easily digestible for the masses. Don't get me wrong, there are moments I love fast food, but when only fast food is available then it becomes a problem, and that is what happened to MMOs. Maybe it was a necessary step to educate the masses so they can appreciate more intricate flavors or maybe I am totally wrong about this... only time will tell.

For me the purpose of MMOs or MMORPGs as they were more commonly called, was to create a fully immersive virtual setting. A world your avatar could live in. So I do not see how cartoon style graphics (although they help performance wise), linear progression, repeatable content, item grinds, restricted terrain and Boss NPCs that act totally unnaturally in order to challenge players were an innovation or a good thing. If combat is what you value the most in MMOs maybe I can see where you come from, but although I consider myself a pvper, immersion is what matters the most to me. As such warzones and arenas are not my thing even though I play them now out of necessity, for me open world pvp combat wise will be the real thing.

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08.31.2013 , 11:48 AM | #32
I never played SWG, but I am constantly hearing about how awesome it was. In fact I hardly hear an unkind word about it. And this always leaves me wondering: why was it shut down?

I recently picked up SWTOR as I was looking for something to occupy me while I wait for EverQuest Next: Landmark. I think I bought a subscription to SWTOR within 2 days of starting? Mostly to unlock the races, as I like racial variety.

Anyway, it became obvious early on in SWTOR that I was playing WoW with a Star Wars skin. Nonetheless, I really like the way the game looks, and I'm still really impressed with the dialogues (something you concede is done well.) I also enjoy being able to send my companion away on mission - it's kind of cool on its own, and I don't want an NPC following me around anyway.

All of that said, I can't help but be continually surprised at the level at which they simply copied systems from another game wholesale. I mean, there's clones and then there's clones. I don't know if I've ever seen it done so blatantly.

One other point: Just because SWTOR has more subscribers than SWG had doesn't mean themeparks are necessarily more successful than sandboxes. Generalizing in that way is quite the leap in logic. This genre as a whole is still quite young, and there have been precious few quality sandbox options. Just because the one breakout hit is themepark, and that's what most people are familiar with right now, doesn't mean sandbox can't grow in popularity.