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NiM Boss Difficulty Ranking?

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08.12.2013 , 01:24 PM | #11
I'll throw my 2cents in here. When we killed DG's week 2 we hit enrage at 1% (20k hp). We also had a slinger and a tank die at around 10%. Now I could be completely wrong here, but I would imagine that if our slinger and tank had lived we never would have seen enrage. Also we had no bloodthirst, NP buff, and a shadow dps . I'd say that given a near flawless run, beating the enrage was in fact possible.
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08.12.2013 , 01:36 PM | #12
meh lets not start with DGs again...

1 WH
2 Chief
3 Titan 6
4 DG after nerf
5 Dash
6 Warlords
7 Kephess
8 Operator
10 Trasher
11 Olok
12 Styrak

from 1 -7 is real simple... 8th is depending on how smart is your group / healers dps, can either be incredibly easy, or stuck on it for lack of awareness... 10-12 are really hard fights... trasher need tricks, like snipers, and practice... olok P2 is simple if tanks know what they doing, but it can get really messy and long fight makes it more annoying that actual trasher 2 min wipes ... styrak is, well, hard, until your group figures out whats everyone doing, once u figure out whats everyone doing and luck on who gets the first nightmare, it can be moved to the 1-7 easy fights, its just repeat the execution of "barely" hard mechanics 7 straight phases, only thing that can go wrong is if he decides to do a super saiyan Overload and tank gets knocked off from wall too far from wall, or **** like that, then he starts playing soccer with you thru the whole room /facepalm lol, and jump is almost an instant kill on a non tank.
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08.12.2013 , 04:05 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by Ansalem View Post
the only fight that was a challenge got nerfed
Yeah, the 30 second nerf wasn't that bad but the second nerf was overdoing it a bit.
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08.30.2013 , 08:59 AM | #14
Can this get a sticky? This is the idea core of this forum.
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