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Dash Rats bug?

kennethdale's Avatar

08.29.2013 , 09:29 AM | #1
I had some trouble with the Rats in NiM Dash: I got lost and rather than 6-8 rats, I had ~14 (didn't get to count all of them on my screen, am going by the number of hits in 1.5 seconds, I know it was more than I've seen before because it freaked me out the second I saw that many). Has anyone else seen this? Am I over-reacting?

Here is the log:


That's 40 hits in 4.8 seconds. Assuming they respect the GCD that works out to 13-14 adds (40/(4.8/1.5)). That's more than double what it should be, to my understanding. Am I missing something? I've gotten lost before in HM and NiM and never had seen that many adds. Am I miss counting because they don't respect the GCD? Can anyone offer any advice as to what is going on?
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