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<Apostles of the Force> Recruiting - [EMPIRE] [The Red Eclipse]

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<Apostles of the Force> Recruiting - [EMPIRE] [The Red Eclipse]

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08.26.2013 , 04:53 AM | #1
Hi Everyone,

Apostles of the Force are a long-standing guild thats been around since just after launch. We're always on the lookout for more fun & friendly players to join us for chitchat and banter, fun social play and to join us in Operations through all the difficulty levels.
We're a guild that tries to breed a relaxed, casual atmosphere whilst still delivering group content at all levels, and whether your interest is just PvP, levelling, socialising or raiding, then we would be glad to have you!
We do aim for some high-end ops progress - although not at the expense of a pressure-free, relaxed atmosphere.


Terror from Beyond - SM/HM = Clear Nightmare = 1/5
Scum and Villainy - SM/HM = Clear
Toborro's Courtyard - SM/HM = Clear

We're currently looking for all roles to join us on ops, and always looking for more socials and casual players to join us


10% Experience & Reputation boost.
Guild voice: Ventrilo (soon to be teamspeak)
Guild Web address:
Alts welcome
Any questions? just /w one of our officers - Mustufar, Ygg'drasill, Des'mond, Heresh, Mel'lon or Bleydd
Feel free to whisper any of the above or apply at our website, or reply here if you're interested in joining - we look forward to hearing from you!

The AOTF Team