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<Contraband Inc> [R]

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08.23.2013 , 07:54 PM | #1
<Contraband Inc> is a Republic guild that focuses on PVE progression on Jedi Covenant. <Contraband Inc> has been around since day one of early access and we pride ourselves on that fact. We believe in a fun raid atmosphere but at the same time hold a standard of conduct that pushes us through progression and makes <Contraband Inc> what it is today.

Current Raid Schedule: Tuesday-Wednesday, 9pm-12pm EST. With a third night on Thursday during progression.

Current Progression: 1/5NiM, 7/7HM and HM GF
Vanilla SWTOR progression: 10/10NiM, 3/4NiM, NMP, 5/5HM

We are looking for quality players who want to be in a progression guild and have fun at the same time. We believe in the idea of Attitude>Skill>Gear. If you have a good attitude and are willing to learn and to better yourself as a player and member of the guild we would love to have you join our ranks.

Our loot system is Council based and takes into account your attendance, attitude, participation, and you current gear needs compared to the rest of the Ops group. We also have an attendance reward system in place to reward people that continually show up to raids with credits every month.

Recruitment Needs
Commando Healer
Scoundrel Healer
1 Tank (Guardian of Vanguard preferred)
Commando DPS
Gunslinger DPS
Sentinel DPS

1 Sage DPS
Any DPS not listed already

1 Shadow Tank
1 Sage Healer

If your class is not listed please feel free to fill out at app anyway! We are always looking for players with good attitudes and willingness to learn!

To apply go to to fill out an app or whisper an officer.
We look forward to reading you applications!