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Robotics, Custom Crystals and much more!

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08.16.2013 , 06:19 AM | #1
Robotic limbs
These could come as hand slots/bracer slots where your hand is replaced with a cybernetic arm or such similar to what Luke/Anakin have, the technology for things like that would surely be available during the TOR era so it would fit in well with the lore of the game

Custom Crystals
including of custom player crystals colours, so lets say 400 CC for the bare crystal and colour choice and maybe another 300/400 for the +41 modification

Cape/Cloak attachments
Speaking for myself here, one of the main reasons Boba Fett is my main character is because of the ripped and tattered cloak he has, it sounds odd but I think it gave him a more renegade/ mysterious sort of look and it would be good to have my bounty hunter character feel more of an outcast sort of person, it'd be amazing if perhaps Boba Fett's helmet was added, but thats most unlikely.

The only real reason I'm considering this one is because I love the idea of my Republic Shadow character being a Sith Pureblood and having the whole set of armor I want, it gives me a lot more depth to the character, like a Sith Traitor sort of look

Darth Baras' Mask
I love the cybernetic look combined with artistic design, it would look very influencing on a Force based class like the Inqusitor or the Consular, I've seen similar ones before for the Consular but they all seem to be solid textures and no design whatsoever

Further Zabrak horn designs
I would absolutely love it if my Republic normal looking zabrak had sharper, spikier vestigial horns rather than the really weak looking round tipped ones, I would love to have ones similar to the Zabrak Master from the cinematic

Level 10 armor pieces

I would love to get adaptive variants of the level 10 armor pieces you receive at the end of the first planet, especially the likes of the Sith Warrior chestpiece that looks well suited to its class and perhaps the bounty hunter one, which looks more basic and less exaggerated like some of the endgame bounty hunter ones, I would rather look part of a uniform in a game like this rather than something that stands out in a bad way

Custom titles for characters

Maybe about 700 CC would do, 950 if it includes an article like "The", to avoid people getting titles like "Thronebreaker" and " Darth" without earning it just use a system to invalidate the title if it matches enough digits with an already existing title

More Military-based armor sets

Things like a white imperial officer set, similar to the Clandestine and perhaps different camouflage variants for both republic and imperial trooper armor alike, it would be nice to have my imperial agent look a little more militant when doing things such as PvE encounters. It would be good if perhaps some of these armor sets came with a more rugged, broken look, covered in laser burns, blade slashes etc so it looks like they have seen action before, I think some troopers could vouch for me on this one

Cosmetic Auras
Things like force Midichlorians surrounding jedi characters when not in action, with small bolts of lighting constantly waving around sith inquisitors, some already existing examples are found with the healing emote for the force users, they would be good to include as cosmetic, with it being a lot less vibrant and visible, makes force users look a little more "forcy"

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08.19.2013 , 07:20 AM | #2
Love love love!! 100% support

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08.19.2013 , 08:18 AM | #3
Your robotic prays have been answered!!


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08.19.2013 , 09:24 AM | #4
Custom Crystals, while appreciable, would probably need a system too complex to be supported by Cartel Market. I addition, it would not be in concordance with the fact that Cartel items goes into collections, unless they add an entry per combination of colors. If you put a system with only 5 hues per "color" of RGB system, that makes 125 possibilities.

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08.20.2013 , 04:18 PM | #5
I do hope they will add additional cyborg parts since it works perfectly with the cyborg race.

I'd like to see them add partial stuff there.. like a damaged chest that shows robotic parts underneath the flesh. Or a helmet that shows something more skeletal, a robothead as it could be under the skin.
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