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New FPs: HM Overtuned, SM Too Easy?

Lowyjowylof's Avatar

08.20.2013 , 09:57 AM | #171
The FPs are not hard. They are however, buggy. In 2 different times in Corporate Labs, I've had the Security Chief bug, and then the final boss bugged. On the Security Chief, we would run out of the circles only to have the circles warp to us and 1 shot us. That happened 3 times before the mechanic worked properly. On the final boss, it bugged so that we were getting 2-3 adds at one time where it's supposed to be only 1 add at a time.

Now everyone's learning curve is different, but the mechanics are pretty straight forward and aren't complex at all. The final bosses in both Cadimimu, and in Athiss, offer more of a challenge than the new Czerka FPs when they are working correctly.
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