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[Bug] 2 Small Bounty Hunter Event Bugs

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[Bug] 2 Small Bounty Hunter Event Bugs

AlrikFassbauer's Avatar

08.20.2013 , 06:40 AM | #1

I'm reporting 2 small Bounty Hunter Event Bugs - both took place when I (level 55 Gunslinger) was in a group with an Level 46 Commando who was doing his Bounty Hunt Contract ( not mine, as it was fulfilled at that time (although I didn't take the flight to the Fleet yet ! ) :

1. When the Commando is far away from me, pursueing his own Bounty Hunt Contract, and he is asking Informants/Shady Characters,
then I suddenly hear my character asking these Informants/Shady Characters, even although I'm far, far away from them.

2. When he "calls" his ( ! ) Bounty Hunt Contract Boss, then this Boß is Level 55, and NOT Level 46 !
This means that the Bounty Hunt Contract Boss seems to *always* have the level of the group member with the highest level !
This happened to me yesterday in another two-person-group as well (I was level 21, she, who helped me was level 55).

These are the only real Bugs I could find so far.

Annoying is the short "time window" one gets to freeze the Bounty Hunt Targets : If helped by an non-group member ( ! ) who is an high-level character, then the target gets killed a bit too soon, so that I didn't have the chance to karbonize the target.

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