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[Bug] 2 Small Bounty Hunter Event Bugs

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[Bug] 2 Small Bounty Hunter Event Bugs

AlrikFassbauer's Avatar

08.20.2013 , 06:40 AM | #1

I'm reporting 2 small Bounty Hunter Event Bugs - both took place when I (level 55 Gunslinger) was in a group with an Level 46 Commando who was doing his Bounty Hunt Contract ( not mine, as it was fulfilled at that time (although I didn't take the flight to the Fleet yet ! ) :

1. When the Commando is far away from me, pursueing his own Bounty Hunt Contract, and he is asking Informants/Shady Characters,
then I suddenly hear my character asking these Informants/Shady Characters, even although I'm far, far away from them.

2. When he "calls" his ( ! ) Bounty Hunt Contract Boss, then this Boß is Level 55, and NOT Level 46 !
This means that the Bounty Hunt Contract Boss seems to *always* have the level of the group member with the highest level !
This happened to me yesterday in another two-person-group as well (I was level 21, she, who helped me was level 55).

These are the only real Bugs I could find so far.

Annoying is the short "time window" one gets to freeze the Bounty Hunt Targets : If helped by an non-group member ( ! ) who is an high-level character, then the target gets killed a bit too soon, so that I didn't have the chance to karbonize the target.

"Just say no." If you feel like you are only there for generating Comms for someone else, then just stay away from PvP. Don't let yourself get farmed !